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  1. Rebuilding stuff like this near the coast is a fool’s errand. Rich people should be allowed to do it if they want, but governments and insurance companies need to stop funding this.

  2. Yup are built the houses outta concrete and rebar 15 foot Concrete columns have the house seat high , no cheap roofing concrete top like the hotel apartment building, school they didn’t get no damage or very little damage .

  3. Not very crazy with how often this happens in Florida.

  4. Yeah and it will continue in the future , who knows how many billions it will cost to rebuild just to get destroy again in 10 to 20 years in the future , unless high from the ground 12 feet concrete rebar columns all concrete house the first level up 12 feet , they have houses like that in ocean city Maryland.

  5. They are saying the lady just covered her ears she didn’t say anything, she saw it coming.

  6. Praying for Florida , now I know why Spain left Florida alone they told the English you want it you can have it .

  7. I get the feeling he’s not going to report the car stolen , but make a few phone calls.

  8. Let’s just say the two inmates got a beating of there life’s .

  9. Damm this is really bad , democrats you can do better smh.

  10. Just take some Robitussin & put some Vaporrub on your chest call me in the morning.

  11. It’s a long fight I only posted the end , I’ll give it to him for staying that long in the fighting.

  12. Cruising on Francis Lewis Blvd. Boomboxes in the 80s, cars driving by playing freestyle. Memories.

  13. I used to cruise those areas with the boys & Astoria ditmar , Astoria park early 90s .

  14. Astoria!! The shishkabob guy at 3am near Crystal Palace! Driving to Astoria Park, fun times. :)

  15. Those animals will have a worst end . I wouldn’t want to be then in the afterlife .

  16. cocaine is a helll of a drug , Him & Mike adams ranger report can’t stop Blaming the nazzzzis & satan for everything . Brus it’s just ask monkey doing this shit . Damm bru if it wasn’t for religion we wil be like Star Trek.

  17. The Seiko watch is here to stay , the Apple Watch will be obsolete in less then 5 years.

  18. But the bass bru 🔊🔊where can I buy those speakers??

  19. Now I wanna know the backstory behind “Snort”

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