1. Hi! I'm visually impaired, but eventhough I can't play videogames myself, they are very nostalgic for me. Back when I had better vision, we used to play Nintendo as a family, and I really want to recapture that magic.

  2. Kevin Burton has done and is doing a lot of work in this field:

  3. This is excellent! I finally had a chance to watch the full video, and it was a great study for Sabbath. I just wish I had this a few weeks ago when our Bible study group discussed antislavery in Adventism. Although it's clear with hindsight that they were on the right side of history, we were still kinda scratching our heads-- how were our founders able to hold their position so confidently when the opposition seemed to have so much pro-slavery scripture at its disposal? I'm glad he was able to touch on that a little, and there were some great quotes that weren't just Civil-War specific but could even be applied more generally to modern slavery. What's also amazing to me is how recent this video is. I get the impression that our church's antislavery history is still being pieced together, and I'm glad there are people who care enough to preserve it.

  4. A wonderful topic to study. It's quite nice to know God has allowed this to be our heritage: freeing not only souls from spiritual bondage, but literal. God has allowed for a vast amount of information on this topic, but I cannot say that I am well versed enough to put it all together. There is a lot of experiences and information from those times, and the hardship both the 'coloured' folk faced as well as those who would desire to help them. Truly you see the hatred of the enemy.

  5. I just want to take a moment to thank everyone for all the insightful comments, personal stories, inspirational reflections and even humor in the face of such a heavy topic. Even this simple thread illustrates how the Jewish contribution to human history is rich, complex and incredibly special. Wishing you all a restful Shabbat and a very happy Passover!

  6. I'm not sure if this would be helpful, but I'm trying to start an index for all Sabbath-observant groups:

  7. Shuffling my liked songs definitely seems to favor things I’ve added more recently

  8. I would actually prefer that. I have a running playlist where I constantly dump new songs as I find them. It's hundreds of tracks long, so things toward the end of the list are basically never heard from again. In fact, I wish I had the option to just play the list in reverse lol

  9. Acquire a bunch of MP3s (whether by buying CDs or using YoutubeDL), then play them with Windows Media Player (or your OS's equivalent).

  10. Ripping from CDs is a good idea. Looks like the old-school way of consuming music is still the best lol

  11. Can you elaborate on what you mean by "invite"? Are you referring to private communities?

  12. Sure, using invitations is actually one of the primary methods that Reddit recommends for growing a community:

  13. If a Gentile observes any of the Jewish commandments from the Torah as a religious obligation (even if he does so from a desire to receive a spiritual reward), this is forbidden based on the prohibition of adding a commandment, and there is no spiritual reward to be derived from this.

  14. My apologies. I didn't realize this was your group's stance. Feel free to remove my post.

  15. I see this is an old post, so hopefully you are already out of that situation. But if not, I recently started

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