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‘Please tell me what I should be saying.’ Text messages show Sen. Mike Lee assisting Trump efforts to overturn 2020 election. Newly released text messages show Lee knew of scheme to send alternate electors to Congress nearly a month earlier than he claimed.

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This hits me right in the feels

  1. do you really think valuing a dog above a fetus isn't weird?

  2. Haha this is funny if you aren’t on an ideological campaign

  3. No if I need a day I’ll take one. I can’t imagine having to take a day off of work tho over a leaked document. We just live in very different parts of the country I guess

  4. So People are different and experience life differently than you…imagine that.

  5. Why can't taking time off work be part of a therapeutic regiment? Why do the needs of an employer and a job come before those of our self?

  6. It’s fucking with me. Your post is 2 days old with OP as 18 hours ago. This on Apollo app

  7. Here on Maui too. Sadly tourists are back and in greater numbers.

  8. Yep, i went on my friend’s boat to Molokini around Jan 2021, everyone on that boat reported a noticeable difference in the size of the aquatic life that returned and with that, larger predators. Amazing what just a few months of no human presence can make.

  9. Equally, all the construction around Makena has and will continue to have huge negative consequences for many of the best reefs on Maui.

  10. And on that topic…..fuck the kihei roundabout and all the headaches it’s causing.

  11. Wow great photo. How do you like the image quality of the mini? Do you find it good enough for desktop backgrounds, screensavers etc? On a laptop? 4k or 5k monitor?

  12. Oh its an excellent camera, this was taken before I purchased any clip on filters for it. My phone’s wallpaper, (top down shot of the ocean/beach line), looks just as good. Im pretty impressed with it.

  13. How bout come your house, i bet it’s orderly huh? You got shit smeared on your walls? That what your orderly house looks like? Oh, just one person will get murdered there…just one, all good right?

  14. I'll do a hostile takeover of your wife by easter day.

  15. See….us common folk would never know this but that is a $200 haircut.

  16. Yeah if you haven’t already just call them. They are very friendly and very helpful about did they trade warnings. I have hit my limit a couple times in the last year or so and they always help me out when I call and reset it

  17. Note: It is no longer possible for them to reset it more than once per account (and you can only have 1 margin account), regulation on that has changed.

  18. Awww, that sucks. Im glad i got more discipline about that shit these days

  19. You're supposed to say "Hold my soap, I'm going in."

  20. Thank you, that was a new Reddit anomaly for me, I remember that when I come across it again

  21. If you're in the US you have a few options:

  22. Yes, here in Hawaii this was passed just recently. It makes me really happy when I see families be able to take their kupuna (older family members) and straight up carry them to a mellow spot in the ocean. One more sunset experience in the warm ocean before they go.

  23. That sub says it has 7 billion + active players. Never imagined a game played by the whole human race. My eyes have opened.

  24. Idiot forgot to pull back on the left stick smh

  25. What happened to Reading Outlets? I used to go there in the 90s. Now it's all gone.

  26. Guys are correct, Reading Pennsylvania happened. 9th Street area nowadays has shootings occurring in the middle of the day. That whole part of town is done. Local government is focusing on gentrifying West Reading. And they are doing a damn good job at it too.

  27. Oh I meant West Reading is the ONLY place within the city i would live. They added a ton of restaurants, nightlife, awesome community events. Its all relatively safe over that side too

  28. Daddy coming to collect so bitches better have his money

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