Fox News in Idiocracy vs. Fox News IRL

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  • By - kyno1

Dr. John Cheng charged the shooter at the Taiwanese church and died a hero

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9 year old boy beats on black neighbors door with a whip and parents confront the boys father and the father displays a firearm and accidentally discharges it at the end

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  1. Straight up facts I have no sympathy for these hypocrites.

  2. Babe... There wasn't law forcing you to do anything. You had a choice, see how that fucking works? It's like your collective group has 2 functional brain cells that you share. Stop being a tribal little asshole. It's all about choice and control... So why the fuck aren't you mad, conspiracy man?

  3. Have a choice or lose my job and not be able to travel. Which is what my job is. So yeah i guess i had a choice. But you’re missing the point and proving it all at the same time. I’m not defending either side. I’m saying both sides are wrong. But in that note the Supreme Court literally didn’t decide anything about your body. The actually did the opposite. They said they can’t decide. Why is kind of funny when everyone accuses them of making decisions about their body.

  4. Oh, did the government decide that for you? Was it made a law? The supreme court took away the protections put in place to block backwards stars from limiting a woman's choice. Which, as soon as that was taken away... 13 states were ready to go with trigger laws to ban all abortions, no matter what. 👍

  5. I live in Croatia, so technically ignorant because I don't follow the current state of the entire world's housing economy. Also please don't use even several hundred landlords as a reason to blame hundreds of thousands of them. Not sure that one person being evil means everyone in the same profession is. Are all taxi drivers speeding through red lights? Are all parents beating their children? No, so don't accuse them.

  6. Then why are you even trying to say differently?! Housing is falling apart here. So just stop. Lol

  7. Just saying it seems like you're saying every landlord is a piece of shit and owning more than one property is somehow bad.

  8. In America, they treat housing like a business and an investment. We can't buy starter homes as first time home buys because everything is 5x what it should be. Corporations are paying cash for private residences and renting them at triple what they should be. Apartment complexes all have triple the rent. Your situation does not apply.

  9. Like 4 companies control food prices and they all talk to each other. The government has investigated over the years, fined them... And then nothing happens.

  10. And what sucks is that the meat producers dont even benefit. It's the processors who get fat

  11. Yuuuup. Everything is falling apart and I am very interested to see how bad it can get without even being tossed crumbs from the ruling class. Lol

  12. https://scholar.google.com.ar/scholar?q=obesity+and+diabetes&hl=en&as_sdt=0&as_vis=1&oi=scholart

  13. Oh I know, I obviously looked it up. You didn't answer the question though. I suspect you just wanted to be mean because your comment was pathetic and offered no real solutions. Food addiction that leads to obesity & diabetes requires mental health help.

  14. Oh I'm so sorry you think I'm that person with no evidence. My bad I want people to be correct and not assholes. I don't virtual signal, babe. How tf does that even apply. I'm tired of people with no brain cells spouting bull shit on the internet. Can't even use terms correctly, just parroting troll talk.

  15. I am xenophobic. Anyways yeah the idea that it's not a housing shortage is news to all the realtors saying inventory is at record lows, and to the housing advocates who say we need more housing inventory... No matter I got mine. I have a house and my value has tripled. Just wanted to look out for the younger generation because I think it's sad how they are in this position. But so many of them are conditioned to cheer on their own displacement and disenfranchisement that it makes me not care to help people who can't even think about what is in their own best interests.

  16. Have you seen the places where immigrants live? I don't want to live there. Do you want a shack or a falling down, rotten trailer? Saying it's because of extremely poor people that already live in poverty, is ignorant. How are their shitty houses where nobody wants to live, causing the problem? If we get rid of them... There would still be a housing problem. Companies are buying houses and apartment complexes in bulk and leaving them empty because they're considered investments. It's essentially the same thing they were doing when they were buying housing loans in bulk. Which is what caused the previous collapse. But I guess no one cares... Because it's easier to blame poor people.

  17. Haha, I can't believe I have to actually enunciate this but not all immigrants are poor. Believe it or not there are a lot of rich immigrants, in fact much richer than the native born people who are from here, and believe it or not: americans can be impoverished.

  18. Oh were.you blaming bankers and oligarchs? Funny I couldn't see that between the lines of blaming immigrants. I can't do this. I'm tired of talking to people that won't address root causes.

  19. That towel bar can come off the wall w 2 set screws, one under each side btw. Then you can paint the whole wall like a pro.

  20. That’s due to your poor choices in eating and entitlement. For 37k a year I would be able to flourish even in this economy. Raman noodles went up but not that much. Your simply not willing to “sacrifice”. I don’t expect you to understand, the entitlement won’t allow you to do so. I’m sure you feel like you were born into a free country, so where very thing is against you when you struggle. Balance life to your budget and work ethic and you can still be very happen at 37k a year.

  21. Lol I already eat ramen. You're clearly missing the point. My life was budgeted correctly. Rent is a fucking problem. So is your shitty opinion. Stop blaming poor people for the problems the wealthy create. I'm no longer homeless... You're still an ass though.

  22. Add some bouillon cubes for extra flavor and corn starch. Ahh the good old days. If rent goes up and your not willing to work more hours or get a raise or other means of income then you downsize? Seems pretty clear to me. My guess is your young and entitled with 3-4 social media accounts and rants and raves on “antiwork” sub all day long? Such a negative demeanor on life and how “it’s so tough”. Clearly have never been to another country or traveled anywhere. Luckily in this amazing country we are allowed to speak our own options. I have accepted yours and laughed, you have ignored mine and your blood pressure is up. Sounds like a win win for the day!

  23. My god... It's like you actually fuckin think no one sacrifices or works hard other than your fucking self. I'm done. There's no convincing you otherwise. Yep... Millions of people are just lazy, there's totally no problems. America is problem free and everything is perfect here.

  24. It’s a backlash against the perpetual advancement of agendas in public schools. BLM, CRT, anti-boys. Its a speech for a graduation. Why can’t it be about graduation?

  25. No more racism, teaching about racism, and telling boys that girls are equal and owe them nothing.... Yeah, that's soooooo terrible. You're a gross person.

  26. Maybe you should let her read these comments.

  27. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/32869/this-man-owns-the-worlds-most-advanced-private-air-force-after-buying-46-f-a-18-hornets

  28. Pieces of the military. Do you own the military? Stop trying so hard to twist my words. Yeah... We can buy weapons. Congrats I guess? But like I was saying... I didn't come up with what leads to fascism. Historical experts did that.

  29. Weird how it's so fascist yet you're able to say that here and nobody is coming to your house to talk about it. It's almost like you're talking out of your ***

  30. 🤦🏻‍♀️ so the only thing you counter with is that I'm able to say fascism in the internet? My guy, this isn't my opinion. I didn't make the definition of fascism. I didn't layout the path to fascism. Even our rank in "democracy" is sliding backwards. Please start criticizing your failing country before it's too late. Criticism is a good thing... It's fuckin' weird to me how you guys argue when people just want better. I don't want military for profit, I want my taxes to help our citizens. I'm not the bad guy here. 👍

  31. If I got to live like her... I would be fine with it. This is my dream. I love cities.

  32. Their culture of punishment and pollution needs to fucking change... Like yesterday.

  33. There actually is a whole mattress firm conspiracy. It's really funny and informative.

  34. So 65% of the states is 32.5 half states. So 28 states would still have politicians that would be voting against it. Also I’m pro-abortion. But on that same note you realIze that the only 3 countries in the world that don’t have term limits on abortion are China, North Korea, and the US right? While i am pro-abortion i am also honest about the fact that it has nothing to do with health and aborting a 6 month old child is morally wrong.

  35. You think we don't have term limits? You think we abort 6 month fetuses willy nilly?

  36. But let’s say every single political post is male. All of them. Politicians are self serving. They only care about staying in power. So the politicians that are “anti abortion” are only taking this stance because their constituents are forcing them too and they want to remain in power. So to blame “him” is obnoxious. He’s just doing as he’s bid.

  37. Funny that 65% of America's support the women's right to choose. So obviously they aren't representing their constituents. It's the same for health care and legalizing marijuana. The majority, statistically are for it... Yet they don't do anything. You can either look at data or rely on how you personally feel. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  38. $50 she sees her mom slaps dad all the time

  39. Or kids just have intrusive thoughts and act on them. I was 6 and bit the shit out of my little sister because I didn't like her. My mom didn't bite people. Lol

  40. Midgley invented tetraethyl lead, which caused widespread lead poisoning, freon, which destroyed the ozone layer and later when he contacted polio, invented a bed with a series of pulleys to allow him to move around which he got tangled in and strangled himself to death.

  41. It seems like when there's one mass shooting... They just keep coming. Fuck these people.

  42. Is everyone else going to gloss over the fact that the father is manipulating the son as well? The fact that the son said his dad was disappointed means he probably told the kid to do that.

  43. I hope they see this. Because my parents did this shit all the time and it was awful.

  44. Or you're a shitty troll. Congratulations, you contribute nothing to society.

  45. We could just utilize the taxes we already pay to actually help the citizens instead of what we currently do. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  46. I still think we need to put a policy in place where employers have to pay for the benefits that their employees get if they are not paying them a living wage in their living area.

  47. Well then they'll lobby to get assistance removed or even more impossible to get.

  48. Well someone should call cps so we can have one less shitty child raised by shitty parents. It's not too late to fix him.

  49. Recruiting and sales agencies will hire with no experience sometimes- or just lie on your resume tbh

  50. Lol you were down voted for giving the only reliable tip to beat the automated bullshit system. 🤣

  51. I mean I was upset the first time someone who made more money than me confided that they regularly lie on their resume. I haven’t brought myself to do it personally but if my options were lying on a resume or losing my house then you can bet your ass I’ll be the best god damned whatever-the-fuck-they’re-hiring-for they’ve ever seen. Google and YouTube both exist

  52. Most experts don't memorize everything to do with their job. I'm a designer and still Google how to do self made textures in Photoshop and how to apply harder masks. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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