1. Aldrig? Kanske inte sägs så mycket nu längre men var definitivt ett vanligt uttryck tidigare.

  2. Jag håller med, jag har hört att de ska öppna popeyes i ”europa” (väldigt bred term) nästa år

  3. Det har delvis börjat. Såg att det fanns nere i Palma förra veckan när jag besökte farsan.

  4. A place that used to be good and fun but now is just filled with porn to satisfy coomers. 2004-2010 was peak /b/.

  5. I don't understand why Blizzard keeps designing these cards that win the game from hand, rather than board. It's not fun to play against.

  6. I have the opposite idea, blood DK seem to lack in terms of way to end games, but frost, especially in control heavy lists, just has so much value and damage it is insane

  7. Guess it depends on the list, but Mograine, especially if done with Brann, feels ok as a finisher while you use Corrupted Ashbringer as a "pyroblast" and goes face etc. A lot of pressure goes away, knowing you've disrupted their wombo combo pieces with the gorillion disruption cards you have yourself.

  8. Very happy with BBB, I just posted a comment in another thread outlining my deck and experience with it. Maybe when the meta settles down things will be different but I certainly haven't had a problem with "only being good against aggro" and have a very good win rate despite seeing no aggro at all so far. Cards like corpse explosion and blood boil are plenty good against top heavy decks as well because they will almost always 2 for 1 or better. Sauerfang as well would certainly be game winning against zoo, but that doesn't make it a bad card against slower decks. That card regularly eats 5+ cards for me when I play him reasonably early, and those are the kind of trades that win control mirrors. Maybe people will learn not to waste spells on him and it will be less good, but even then he will be killing any minions they play or just hitting for three per turn.

  9. I have some issue with druid, but honestly who doesn't unless they are a fast deck? Otherwise I live triple blood. It's so much fun and feels so powerful. I would be surprised if it wasn't at the very least high tier 2 in a few weeks.

  10. Left leaning? What? How is that possible a huge part of leftist politics is respecting women and minorities... meanwhile incels basically are racists who demand sex from women

  11. Depends where the survey was made. Here in western europe left and right aren't really that different in social politics and are both for equality. It's the ecoonim politics that differ mainly.

  12. We need to destigmatize mental health care and make it readily available and affordable

  13. Hmm? You go to your doctor, ask for a time at the psychologist and then a few months later you get an appointment and pay like 10 dollars per session. The problem isn't how affordable it is. It's that they need to want help.

  14. In Swedish we just day "klockan tolv" or "tolv på natten". "Twelve o'clock" or "Twelve at night".

  15. Those are just the English translations. In old Greek they were called Homeros and Aristoteles. In German we use Aristoteles too.

  16. Indeed, and it's Aristoteles and Homeros in Swedish to. I think most european languages use "Aristoteles", so I'm mostly curious about why the English version differs so much.

  17. Why does it say ambulance on this vehicle? Ambulance is not the Serbian for an ambulance. Serbs use the Cyrillic alphabet so even if it was it wouldn't be written like that. I don't know Serbian but I would expect something like "скорая помощь".

  18. https://www.google.com/search?q=serbia+ambulance&client=firefox-b-d&sxsrf=ALiCzsboazr8FfsB2ren0bw3VYLzM9SF3g:1670328430954&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj6yqOm-uT7AhUdX_EDHQQ6AyoQ_AUoAXoECAIQAw&biw=2560&bih=1315#imgrc=4O0iGxSZjNxbsM

  19. Hmm? Isn't the only difference the kind of meat you use? This one in particular is made with lamb, but yes I've made cottage pie as well in the past with the same ingredients.

  20. No you’re correct. This sub just has a weird thing where every-time shepherds/cottage pie is posted people come out of the woodworks trying to correct OP that theirs is cottage pie and only shepherds pie is made with lamb before they have any idea what was actually used.

  21. Nu ska ni få höra om WhoAmIEven2:s värsta date, där JAG var den pinsamma.

  22. Anime? It's just a finnish cartoon how is it anime? /gen

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