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I've compiled a list of real-world usage of the Algorand blockchain. Countries and corporations all around the world are utilizing Algorand's security, speed, and decentralization to empower their citizens, businesses, and institutions. Take a look at this list, this is what adoption looks like.

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  1. I enjoyed those lectures too! Highly recommend regardless of how you feel about Gensler. It makes me confident with my investments as they solve every problem he outlines.

  2. Lambos through 2024 are all accounted for...maybe a used one.

  3. Dang, Ukraine needs to start building the infrastructure necessary to house all of these POWs.

  4. Lol, I imagine many of the forced conscripts will surrender as soon as possible when the fighting really starts. Perhaps they can be used to negotiate the 900,000 people who were kidnapped and sent to Russian filtration camps (including children).

  5. LG is selling NFTs at $1,000 now to be displayed straight from their TVs!

  6. This is an inevitability for any crypto that gains a lot of popularity here.

  7. You're totally correct. I'm not sure why people can't be tolerant of other ecosystems.

  8. Do you really not want people to call out issues when they see them? Because that's what is sounds like.

  9. I'm all for people calling out issues when they are legitimate (I think this is a good post about Algo actually). However, there are some ecosystem mentions that automatically get downvoted even when the conversation is technical or positive. You could be praising all of the ecosystems as a whole but just the mere mention of certain ones is guaranteed to have your comment suppressed in this sub.

  10. This sub is very bad about that. Very mature and true assessment by OP!

  11. Coinbase released an update that said mid-October. More time to accumulate!

  12. Just today on the Twitter spaces between Arkhia, Hashport and Google Cloud shows how commited they are to the ecosystem. Google is focusing on infrastructure and developer on-ramping for Hedera as well as supporting projects that build on the network. Other enterprises like ServiceNow, DLA Piper, LG and Avery Dennison are now publically mentioning Hedera. This indicates to me that they are taking it seriously.

  13. I'm very eager to purchase certain crypto assets with my IRA funds. I see that you partner with "Digital Asset Investment Management" to do just that which is great. My question is, do you have plans to incorporate HBAR into your exchange? That is the one token I believe in the most and there are multiple people eager to unlock their IRA funds for crypto investment while the price is down.

  14. Don't be so dismissive of Belarus.

  15. Or China (especially with America's stance on Taiwan and the chinese ammunition found in Ukraine).

  16. Reminds me of a japanese soldier who defended an island for a decade not knowing the WW2 had ended

  17. I'm pretty sure H e d e r a will be up there too. Amazing tech, awesome partnerships and real utility getting built across the globe as well. Seems like a lot of these chains are hustling. Sorry I had to separate the letters, I think there are downvote bots that get triggered.

  18. This is one of the most hilarious narratives put out by the fascists so far lol

  19. With added lsit explosive pull ups it would be an all rounder but trust me, sparrow will really take it out of ya and aztec push ups are easily one of the most tiring explosive variations, anyway- enjoy!

  20. Wikipedia is already updated lol. 1st Guards army destroyed in Ukraine 2022.

  21. My take is that, short term, it won't affect the price that much as the bear market strikes and Hedera is still no well known.

  22. The great thing is that it's going to unlock a shit load of money for us early investors in terms of IRA money. Most IRA platforms that allow for crypto investment use Coinbase. I can now buy like 800,000 more tokens and a friend of mine can now buy a million!

  23. I've messaged this company to see if HBAR will be available immediately or not:

  24. That's because terrorist attacks are instead labeled "mass shootings" in the states.

  25. Without China, Belarus and North Korea, Russia would've been out of the fight already.

  26. Not according to all of those videos showing Russian POW interviews. They sent some of their best to Kherson and now are mostly trapped there. Wagner also publically stated how Russian soldiers are quick to retreat once attacked etc. I'm not sure why you think there are no Russian soldiers when the evidence is overwhelmingly against that statement.

  27. They haven't indicated that anywhere. It's really just participation to help them test, gather information and secure the network.

  28. I can't find the active users for specific months on H e d e r a (spaces added to test bot theory).

  29. Seems the make you pay for an account to view the data on their

  30. I went to the DragonGlass explorer instead to check. When using the desktop version, you can hit "search" without typing anything into the field. I looked at all transfers involving at least one HBAR in Nov of 2021 and Aug of 2022. I couldn't narrow it down to active accounts but figured the number of crypto transfers probably loosely correlates.

  31. Wow! That’s way cheaper then the in app ledger. There’s no hold time like uphold is there? I think you have to have the crypto for 5 days before you are able to send it out. “On uphold that is”

  32. This question is kind of hard for me to answer. At one point I had to wait ten days to transfer out and recently I have been able to transfer out immediately after buying. I'm thinking that a debit purchase would let you transfer immediately while the bank account purchase would make you wait ten days. Regardless, Bittrex is very secure and I wouldn't be too concerned about a possible 10 day waiting period. They were founded by cybersecurity experts from AWS I believe and the login process makes me feel like it would be hard to hack. Biometrics, email verification (from same device) and google auth code required to send out.

  33. You don’t need a hashpack wallet to get it in the ledger now? I’ve tried looking it up but all I can find is before hbar was supported by ledger live

  34. I do believe you still need to use Hashpack or Blade. Blade was working on integrating with Ledger but I'm not sure if it's complete yet. People say you can do it with Wallawallet but it isn't as intuitive as Hackpack. I did it with myhbarwallet.com back when Hedera allowed you to create an account directly from their website. Now that isn't possible. After setting up with Hashpack, you should be able to use myhbarwallet.com to interact with the Ledger though.

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