1. of course they finally have good points items on the month i paused my membership

  2. I decided to skip since I got the trendmood box that was released last week , glad i skipped though, nothing here excites me

  3. I'm waiting on mine as well, but so far only the shipping label has been created =( but excited to try everything, i don't wear false lashes so will probably give those away

  4. i love the bag ! i've skipped since July , but this bag is making me think twice , maybe i'll get Feb....

  5. Angostura aromatic bitters and Angostura cocoa bitters , i put the aromatic in everything and the cocoa one in anything with chocolate, coffee or vanilla

  6. I use the lancome eye make up remover, its a liquid and its amazing, it's a bit pricey but lasts forever, you need the tiniest amount to remove eye make up including water proof mascara, i use it with a cotton ball or reusable cotton make up round

  7. I literally just bought this and came here to see if it got good reviews lol glad I didn't waste my money !

  8. Update, I got the Rust pallette. I am happy as a clam. I guess as what someone else suggested maybe I saw an older video

  9. Yeah I got the Rust as well , I dont mind though , its a beautiful neutral palette

  10. someone listed in this thread what comes in it, if you're interested in knowing beforehand!

  11. They just listed new December Mystery Boxes. What are the chances they'll have the same stuff as the Black Friday boxes?

  12. I use babe lash and I love it, haven't had any issues of irritation etc. been using it about 2.5 years now

  13. Better than December but I'mma still skip again!! I'm glad the bags aren't super cute lately makes it easier to skip. And I have so many products rn I'm still not missing out on too much 😅😅😏.

  14. sameeeee , i've skipped since july because of product overload and these non cute bags (in my opinion) are making me feel happy about skipping lol

  15. Mine has stained my pillows and sheets :/ the color is nice though

  16. Which subscription did you sign up with? I only subscribed to the small black friday mystery bundle and it hasn't shipped yet.

  17. I got the small as well , i ordered it the day they came out and it was shipped about 2 or 3 days later

  18. Fitness Centre maraval is $350 a month or $375 , can't remember , it's big but hours are limited , can't really speak to the service per se , I go train on my own then leave , but the staff and trainers are nice, has all the basic equipment you would expect to see in a gym

  19. i clicked on 4 random items yesterday and they were all "out of stock" so annoying

  20. I picked up the $25 Melt Cosmetics Mystery Bundle. I’ve only tried a couple things from the brand (that happen to be discontinued). So I’m excited to try some new stuff. Plus it had free shipping on it!

  21. I got this too! the only other melt stuff I have is from their mystery box in Feb, so I'm excited for this one!

  22. My Pandora account is linked to my Alexa. For several years, it worked without problems. In the last couple of weeks, whenever I say, for example, "Play my James Taylor radio station on Pandora," she plays James Taylor songs on Amazon Music instead.

  23. I never had pandora so no idea how that works or what changed but I linked my Spotify account and never had any issues

  24. --_l says:

    I've set it as the default and the next day nothing plays. I have to say "from Spotify" every time.

  25. That's odd, and you linked your Spotify account to the echo? Maybe Google how to troubleshoot, that shouldn't happen

  26. I am asian, I use Babe Lash , you can buy it from their website for $50 , one 2ml tube lasted me a year even though it says 3 month supply...I purchase mine from Ipsy, they usually sell it for $15 - $20

  27. I do a pretty full skin routine now so its a habit, in the morning I only use 3 products though , vitamin c serum , moisturizer and sunblock

  28. i've a full routine and I really try to incorporate sunscreen everyday but it's impossible. I'm an extremely sweaty person. I shower multiple times at day. Even in winter times, the hair around my face are wet and sunscreen makes it 100x times worse. If normally you'll see me leaving droplets of sweat everywhere, with sunscreen it transforms in a river, no joke

  29. Oh yeah, I get what you mean, I live in the Caribbean and if it's a pretty hot day, as soon as I put on sunscreen , my face sweats like crazy

  30. I got a sample of this from sephora and did not like the smell , kinda sour , so I thought it was spoilt but when I checked the reviews on sephora alot of people complained about the smell

  31. very strange, i have a whole set of the mini sample perfumes from sephora, some from last year even , and none look like this...

  32. well a few are vanilla as well and yeah , this didn't happen, glad they gave you some credit though

  33. Excited to see what else is included in this sale , im interested in the urban decay and too faced palette here. Any reviews?

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