1. The NIP bill breaks international law and breaks an agreement you signed up for (stop being perfidious albion basically).

  2. Labour just can't help themselves can they. It's like they want to keep the moniker of being a racist party.

  3. I applaud the minimum sentence for a change. Too often you see it set at 15 years.

  4. I think it is unfair for order-order to print it like this, predicting the economy ahead of time is not a science, but a feeling.

  5. I'm wondering if they've put the good bit out first to lure the DUP into supporting it and hidden the small print later

  6. Because its the latest indicator on how we are doing. Energy prices have not been the same throughout 2022. Not weird at all.

  7. Culture is defined by brutalist car parks and access to a diverse variety of takeaway food

  8. You should listen to people talk about Preston bus station and car park. The grey hulking mess smelling of piss. Proper eyesore a good ten to 15 minutes away from the train station.

  9. The man is such a colossal asshole it's unreal.

  10. The best way would be to to leave the TCA, rip up the NiP and WA, then start again.

  11. Hmm listen to a random Reddit or IMF. Tough decision.

  12. What part have I said wrong, you are the one posting projections rather than facts. My response was to show how accurate the OECD are, not very.

  13. So using your logic Brexit was all based in on a glorified guess and project fear was actually project reality.

  14. Project fear was not reality, it was scare mongering not knowing the outcome. Brexit has come to pass and we're fine, so project fear was just that.

  15. GBP was abnormally high in 2015, which throws off any calculation using FX spot rates and 2015 as the starting point. This has been used by critics of Brexit to try and mislead people, it's called paltering: the active use of selective truthful statements to mislead. The facts are as follows:

  16. What are we 5th in and what is it that makes you proud about it?

  17. The link is to a site with countless statistics enabling you to see things like how many tanks each country has.

  18. Yes, that is my point. You must agree that you will join the Euro, the time frame is not set.

  19. If they state they have no intention of joining the Euro, then they can't join the EU. It's a pre-requisite now that you say you will join the Euro, just the time when you do is from immediately to forever.

  20. Everyone thinks the economy boomed under New Labour because they spent loads of money, the economy was already booming, they were relatively frugal in their first term and only really spent big after 2001. Not that a lot of the spending wasn't good or worthwhile, but a strong economy enabled it to happen, not the other way round.

  21. Pool. Got a little pool table. Put some music on low and chat while playing pool.

  22. Renaker unveils plans for Manchester’s first 70-storey skyscraper

  23. US general warns British Army no longer top-level fighting force, defence sources reveal

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