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  1. This totally resonates. Just shows that even though it’s painful we do need to work through all the pain poly has caused/magnified so we can have better relationships

  2. You know the greatest loves of all time are over now

  3. The opening lines of navy blue have always been some of my favourites:

  4. I listened to that song while on the verge of a breakup driving along the west coast and it just hit so different

  5. Y’all are unhinged for doing Stay Beautiful so dirty

  6. And I want to know what would happen if I surrendered to the sound

  7. What song was she leading into at the end?

  8. Sasha deserved to win the makeover challenge on S9 and yes I’m still bitter about it

  9. Imo one of the weaker songs from folklore/evermore era. Still lovely but I’d like to see some older stuff best this one out

  10. He is still active on Grindr? You’ve exchanged rings but it’s “nothing formal”? Having a hard time understanding the dynamics of this relationship lol

  11. /uj this is the right answer /rj this is the right answer

  12. The more I listen, the more I am loving it.

  13. I really love the album. I’m such a HUGE fan of Saves The World and About U that I’m going to need to see how these songs grow on me to compare them, but I know I will be listening to the album on repeat. I really like Runner’s High and Loose Garment especially, and Home By Now is still one of the standouts for me but maybe it’ll take a step back once I listen to the other tracks more.

  14. Starting round 1 off easy with an always-skip

  15. This album is my emotional support animal now

  16. I don’t think this proves that… could have been mutual or she could have ended it. Regardless of how a relationship ended it would be nice to go to Iceland with my friends

  17. Yeah I worked for a year and a half. It was helpful to give myself the time to apply and to just get ready

  18. Forgot my Nalgene at the gym before a weekend camping and had to use a Powerade bottle as my water bottle the entire time. It was humbling.

  19. They’re all great. I like Asa or Tony best

  20. I feel bad for always trying to vote out the songs from speak now in every round but I just…. Like all her other albums better. SORRY. Seven ftw

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