1. Back in the days.. few lanes had not street light. These lanes were mostly used by hookers, charsis and criminals.

  2. I’m a finalist, my bf left EY and works at a boutique hedge fund based in the US. Will start learning coding and python. Already knows SQL. Says that it gives a push in the finance sector.

  3. They only had selected products. Ordered the sunscreen and the under eye cream from two separate IDs but had to pay rs. 50 as delivery

  4. No, it was applicable on all products.. that’s what THEY said on their instagram to a commentor

  5. Hey! Shrey and pri didn’t work out cause shrey already had a girlfriend outside the show. They only won cause shrey is well connected and loaded.

  6. I'm from America but live in India with my husband. And yes it's really a struggle here to get bras. That's why I look on eBay. Just don't put your us size as most bras are listed uk sizing and you might wind up with the wrong size.

  7. Okay thank you. Do you have to pay customs on the ebay packages? Can you track shipping updates?

  8. With ebay you don't have to pay customs and you can track. But brastop and other british retailers I paid a huge custom fee over 7000 rupees so it wasn't worth it for me.

  9. Yes that’s what stopping me from ordering from barenecessities and brastop.. don’t even order most western skincare since the customs are unjust and HUGE.

  10. I've never heard of the elinorr sunscreen, would you mind sharing how good is it? Also would you mind sharing the name of the water resistant one as well. I have similar skin type to yours and I'm in the same age bracket, so I'd love to know about this.

  11. Don’t. That sunscreen is not photostable. Search “photostable” on this sub and you’ll get a post for a list of the non-photostable & photostable ones

  12. had really bad seb derm around my mouth for monttthhhs together. Here’s the post I wrote few days back on another sub

  13. I can understand that you want to maintain the calm and cleanliness of the place but tell me how many from reddit are actually going to build their houses there as soon as they see this post? This kinda gatekeeping reminds me of the Goa sub..

  14. Few weeks back Instagram ads got me in my weak spot and I ordered d’you IMD. The next morning I realised I didn’t need this so reached out to the customer care to cancel my order and BOOM 🤯 “NO CANCELLATION or RETURN or REFUND” This is pretty weird but I was like okay fine no problem. First 2-3 days I really liked it, it felt light and buttery creamy texture and just melted in my skin. But then I started breaking out on my chin and area around my nose.

  15. The arrogance and lack of accountability has hit roof after Aliaa did a hidden paid promotion of the product in her YouTube video

  16. पुण्य करतो मी बाकी काही नाही unlike OP

  17. Like I said I'm a liar you proved it 👍 You know comments like such of being defensive and insecure about the truth actually tanks the reputation of the actor. There is grace in accepting the truth and not cribbing like a spoilt child. But What do we know🤷, Ranbir is a GoD I accept👍

  18. Hahahaha good one! Seriously miss the 2019 BBNG sub when ppl didn’t harass you for JUST expressing your opinion

  19. Oho.. it’s a pretty expensive school na? She says that they struggled in her childhood bla bla. Wonder how she could afford it

  20. Man I am not here for liars. Tell me how effing hard you work to looked toned and fit for your profession. How you maintain your skin, nails and hair. How you go for dance classes so you can shake your hips at the perfect angle. How after all that work you have no time to actually give any rehearsal to the craft of acting. At least be honest.

  21. I think if u r dancer, than one doesn't need to do gym to be fit. But diet should be followed.

  22. You really need to go to the gym to have the kind of glutes that she has. Weight training mostly

  23. Try Calling the delivery logistics company and keep pressuring them lol. Message urbanic on Instagram in a very stern way about how you’re disappointed

  24. I have the bright pink shade and i love it soooo much. It is my most used blush. Lasts all day and is very pigmented.

  25. How much of a shitty life must a loser be living to derive pleasure from putting someone down..

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