Wiener Mobile Entering Zion-Mt Carmel Tunnel

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  1. I have a neighbor you could visit, only issue is hoarders don’t usually want to give up their hoard. Good luck.

  2. Common scam; block credit card, block her.

  3. Grew up / live in Wisconsin, have done an extensive amount of camping/backpacking in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the UP. PM me if you want to have a conversation about planning your trip.

  4. Hooligans, service and entire menu is amazing. Johnny’s is overpriced for what you get.

  5. Look into TOTS (Trash on Trucks Sanitation). That is where all the Boxx employees went after they decided they did not like working for a corporation. Service should be identical to the original hometown Boxx. Otherwise Earthbound is also fully locally owned and operated and you can also get a compost service. If choosing between GFL or WM, WM probably has better service. GFL is canadian.

  6. Ahh I think I saw their trash cans around and misread it at Tates while driving today. I’ll take a look. GFL actually owns waste management, in this area at least. We even called the local waste management facility to confirm.

  7. It's a bit confusing explaining how that worked but yes that is sort of true. WM bought out Advanced Disposal, and because of antitrust regulators concerns were required to divest some of their stuff to GFL. GFL as a result acquired all the WM stuff from the Chippewa Falls facility, and WM got all the Advanced Disposal stuff in Eau Claire. As far as I am aware the GFL (Boxx) Eau Claire facility and the WM (Advanced) Facility in Eau Claire are two separate entities. In addition to the GFL (WM) Chippewa Facility GFL Also purchased the Express Disposal facilities in Chippewa and Thorp. In the end the local guy is all I really trust. Still kind of sad Josh Boxx sold out to GFL. I remember when they were still manually slinging trash cans in to the back of a rear load truck 10 years ago.

  8. We thought the same, until we called the facility on Mondovi Rd. in EC. They confirmed they are GFL. I believe GFL acquired all the Waste Management and Advanced Disposal assets & routes in this area. It just seems counterproductive, at an antitrust standpoint, any which way.

  9. Operating While Intoxicated, we tend to have people driving drunk on many things in the state I reside. They decided to cover their bases with OWI, so no matter a boat, horse, motorized cooler, or car; they tend to classify them as OWI.

  10. 2016 Forester, similar behavior. Happens randomly, no rhyme or reason.

  11. Not to mention that transport ships don’t register in the USA because of taxes.

  12. If they ground the enamel off the tub and that’s the dust in the house, it is dangerous to breathe and you should not be in the apartment.

  13. Anecdotally I’ve read and heard that magic mushrooms are the silver bullet for sense of smell and taste. Something around .5-1 gram while eating/smelling foods you currently cannot smell or taste.

  14. I think you’re mistaken, you take 6-5 grams and you’ll be able to see tastes and hear smells.

  15. It’s not a lymes disease vaccine it’s an mRNA vaccine that attacks the ticks saliva and causes them to detach. Since ticks have to be attached for some time for the diseases to transmit, it is a promising venture. My guess is it will be huge for our four legged friends!

  16. I mean if you don't run the trucks it keeps you off the ground, so if it's nice weather might be a good idea.

  17. Tarps form hella condensation on the inside when sleeping under them. This is actually a great way to form a camping rainforest while you sleep.

  18. Culver’s (a Midwest fast-food gem) has started paying $18 an hour and pays 40 hours for 3-12 hr shifts in our town. That’s better than most warehouse jobs around here. I hope more follow suit!

  19. You get the full amount including tax and service fees. Sadly had to cancel ourself; can’t gamble on a 14 hour drive, to show up Thursday morning and not get a site. Good luck to anyone going!

  20. Agreed, I’m guessing camping pass refunded too? I would assume so but want to make sure

  21. Unfortunately a lot of the cheap housing is owned by property management companies that don’t keep up with the places. We just rented a small 2 bedroom house with a yard for $700 a month. House wasn’t bad and the landlord was great to deal with, but all those types of landlords are selling their properties right now, hence why I had to move.

  22. The active 1-star Google Review streak is gonna be pretty bad for business!

  23. My family owns a plumbing shop, tankless are great for small spaces. They tend to have just as many if not more issues than a tank but you could replace your tank 3 times over for the price of a tankless. Tankless are great when you don’t have the space for a tank.

  24. This is pretty sick! Side note to this though, we went floating last week and it kinda smelled like sewage. I may be paranoid from the Great Sewage Leak of 2016, but have you noticed anything?

  25. We went a few weekends back and were mostly on the east side of the river, but no weird smells. Did the whole river smell or was it a certain area?

  26. We took off at Phoenix and ended at the Water at bridge. We could smell it when we floated a bit but once we picked up the tubes you could really smell it on them. Needless to say we all went and showered real quick.

  27. Get her with the old taped in thump-tack it worked with the wet bandits!

  28. I’m seeing it cool down because a lot of rentals have been dumped into the market expecting top dollar. But really great homes don’t sit long. They may not be flying off in a day or two, but they don’t last more than a week.

  29. Yup my landlord is dumping his 20ish houses. Completely flooded the market with small 2-3 bedroom, not so kept up, houses. Our house we are renting is a small 2 bed and he hasn’t had an offer on it in 2 weeks.

  30. Mines the opposite, if I’m hyped for something I believe is right my brain responds well. I can’t get words out if I’m anxious though. Which makes me more anxious and then I sweat...

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