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  1. A dried beef shoulder or kneecap or such for bubby to chew on

  2. Okay I love your dog its so gorgeous but it looks like it has never thought a single thought in its life

  3. That dog is wearing a small human on its head

  4. Do I need to reach a certain level to attain it? Or can I just use console commands to get the damn thing

  5. Lol, I used the alchemy>enchantment>alchemy repeat loop (then drank a potion and wore all my enchanted stuff while smithing and upgrading my weapons), so to do this you have to be pretty high level in all three skills.

  6. I love how cottonmouths have the mean muggin emo faces. With the glaring brow ridge and the goth marks like streaky mascara coming down the face. Def shops at hot topic

  7. Wow, excuse me sir/madam/respected fellow individual, you don’t need to call out my emo origin story like this! 😭😭

  8. He looks like a divorced doctor who has a daughter who was a waitress and still doesn’t believe in tipping at restaurants.

  9. I was making a reference to the TV show Friends as he, to me, resembles the father of a character in the show.

  10. Do you think this sort of cage would work if I were to put coroplast on the bottom (to cover those easily chewable open areas) or a grate and then coroplast? And also if I were to hot glue the gaps between the panels?

  11. I actually found (with another cage setup that didn’t come with a floor) that peel and stick vinyl tiles (on top of an exercise mat to keep me from having to stick them to my floor) worked great.

  12. eViL hUMan cHokEs pOor aNiMaL aND poSTs eMbARasSINg pHotOs oNliNE!¡!!

  13. Doesn't it hurt them? In the picture it looks like you squeeze them.

  14. No, it just looks like that because she’s stuffed her cheeks with her food!

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