1. A battalion more UAF troopers with armored transport. Every bit of kit helps Ukraine.

  2. Anyone sensing a pattern here? "Only ATGM's (send fuckton of artillery), only ATGM's and artillery (send drones and APC's) only ATGM's, artillery, (helicopters), drones, APC's (send HIMARS), only ATGM's, drones, artillery, APC's, HIMARS, but no tanks (send Bradley M2A2's), only ATGM's, artillery, drones, APC's, HIMARS, Bradleys (send M1A2 tanks), only ATGM's, artillery, drones, APC's, IFV's, tanks, but no jet aircraft or ATACMS (send GLSDB's)...

  3. I think there are different definitions out there of what a proxy war is. In the weak sense, this is a proxy war, but in the strong sense it's not.

  4. A proxy is a stand in replacement. Ukraine isn't asking anyone to stand in for them, which is why I say it isn't a proxy fight. Russia has asked other nations and organizations to be their proxies, but have been unsuccessful. So they also continue to do their own fighting.

  5. That definition could be any military aid to a combat zone, anywhere. EVERYONE should have an interest in any place they send weapons to. Otherwise they are providing armament for purely mercenary reasons.

  6. Idk how good these can penetrate S300 air defense system. Because unlike already used HIMARS ammo these GLSDB seems to be rockets and I assume much easier detectable. Or I miss something?

  7. The minute an S-300 reveals itself attempting to engage one of these, it's going to eat a HARM missile. Ukraine will be smart enough to have aircraft and HIMARS units on overwatch when they first use them. S-300 engaging GLSDB might be successful the first time, but won't be around for a second volley.

  8. IVIS. Inter-vehicle Identification System. They added icons for low flying aircraft and leg infantry, and changed the name to "Blue Force Tracker." And it doesn't just track enemy formations and equipment anymore. A Bradley commander can mark positions where he dismounted his infantry as a "friendly occupied position." Really cuts down on friendly fire accidents. You can mark practically anything on the battlefield integration maps. Artillery, both sides; armor, both sides; IFV's and APC's, both sides. You can even designate aircraft ranges and strike zones. Same with HIMARS units.

  9. Fine. We'll stop sending weapons to Ukraine the moment China convinces Russia to leave Ukraine territory. I mean, you DID say you respected Ukraine borders and territorial integrity, right?

  10. The newest weapon sent to Ukraine in nearly a year is an 8 year old UAV design. Nothing else is less than 20 years in production. Not a lot of "proving" for those weapons.

  11. Because US is not reliable allie at all? Imagine that on next elections angry cheetos became the president of US. Again. Like its not a zero chances of it. He is totally pro-russian and already was talking shit about leaving NATO, because Europe NATO members not lifting even their own weight (which is actually true).

  12. Seventy seven years having your backs, and WE'RE an unreliable ally? Saying shit like that is primary reason Trump even got a word in edgewise.

  13. You don't seem to understand the agreement that was made after WW2. Europe agreed to not rearm if US had its back. This was the USs idea, they wanted peace in Europe because then the US could make more money. Europe has stuck to its side of the agreement but the US has been wavy about its commitment since the fall of the Soviet Union.

  14. Please give me a reference source for any such agreement. I'm a student of military history, as well as having served personally.

  15. This is such bs, seriously. First you say he orders missile strikes after phone calls then you call it random missile attacks. He orders missile strikes whenever he pleases, last time when the tank delivery was announced. You might not be happy about Scholz talking to Putin, that’s fine. But saying that Scholz‘ phone calls with Putin causes civilian deaths is insane and quite sickening.

  16. That is your opinion. What I see is that each time ANY western leader has tried to engage Putin diplomatically, Russia's savagery increases.

  17. That is not an opinion. He sees on the battlefield how weak his military actually is and how brave the Ukrainians are fighting for their freedom. That makes him mad.

  18. Let me be more clear, in that case: western leaders stated unanimously that no negotiation about Ukraine would take place WITHOUT Ukraine. Ukraine made their preconditions to any negotiation very plain. That they would not occur until such time as Russia has removed all troops from Ukraine, and all kidnapped Ukrainians returned.

  19. ATACMS would be fairly easy to intercept, they’re not like the M31 ammo they’re using right now

  20. I have no idea where you guys are getting information that ATACMS are easy to intercept.

  21. Well, increasing your own losses by a factor of three is a damned peculiar way of going about it.

  22. We tried playing nicely, and Putin practically spit in our face. While our leaders tried to de-escalate, that hesitation only encouraged Putin to ramp up the horror and random murder show.

  23. Best solution. Since they are being produced for an American donated weapon, we should run into less problems with transfers of materiel.

  24. Why do you want tanks for lightning pushes?

  25. Go locate General Mark Hertling's combined arms video about breaching fortified defense positions. It shows you EXACTLY what is needed, how complicated it is to achieve, and why each type of equipment is required.

  26. And you’ve tried before. But yes. Friendly neighbor. Friendly friendly neighbor.

  27. Ahem...GB staging invasion of New York from Canada? We had reasons at the time. But that was a couple hundred years ago, too. We all got over it, and do a lot better as friends than adversaries.

  28. we were still British back then, and burned the White House. Sorry

  29. Canadian/British invasion of Michigan Territory as well. So we're even on dumbass attempts to invade each other's territory. Yes, you were a British colony..and the only reason WE invaded was because...you were a British colony Britain was launching invasions from:)

  30. pretty funny since I think we sold the tanks long time ago... Netherlands...

  31. NL is buying their leased tanks, and transferring them to Ukraine if approved by your government.

  32. American M1s… I’ve definitely seen videos of Iraqi export model M1s being destroyed.

  33. Any tank can be destroyed if you have bad tactics. Both videos of Iraqi tanks getting destroyed? No infantry to be found, either time.

  34. 62.4 and 65.7 tons in current top configurations. Leo is a little lighter

  35. At least 500 UAF soldiers have been getting training on them for months now. And another group of 500 is getting combined arms training at Grafenwoer in Germany right now. I.e., learning how to use all this equipment to the best of its ability.

  36. For those who know the situation: Is Bakhmut cut off, or the Ukrainian soldiers have a route to escape?

  37. Bakhmut has never been cut off. Russia is throwing 50,000 troops at 5,000 Ukraine defenders, and the UAF have never lost more than 2-3 blocks of the town.

  38. Well, they aren't. They'll not leave Ukraine....but they'll go right up to the border. They'll only enter Russia if Russia shoots at Ukraine. Still defense if you're shooting back at them.

  39. Plus all the F-16, F-22, F-35’s C-130, A-10’s Ohh and the strataforce bombers

  40. Slip in some B2 Spirits and B21 Raiders. Along with a thousand Tomahawk cruise missiles. See if they want to launch random missiles at civilians with those sitting on a runway waiting to respond...

  41. Actually, Russian tanks CAN fire during movement. However, their accuracy falls off a cliff when they do, so they are training crews to stop for mid to long range shots.

  42. 67 kph for M1A1, 70 kph for Leo 2, 60 kph for T-72. Western tanks appear faster, and specs were under field testing. Not in a lab, so closer to real world actual speeds.

  43. We need to plan to send another 150 next month. That would give Ukraine between 500 and 600, in addition to the ones already received from Eastern Europe last year

  44. And Ukraine has trained pilots ready to hop right in these fighters as soon as they chock the wheels after landing from Slovakia. Paint, Preflight, arm, refuel, and they are in combat.

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