1. Red pill. Then when I reach this spot again I choose the blue pill

  2. Smartest answer and you don't need to save money for the future knowing you'll get $10 Mil

  3. Oh I'm sorry, IR stands for insuline resistance. I was assuming it was diagnosed for you. If you are overweight you could gain some healing benefit from losing that weight first and then proceed with surgery if you feel healthy enough. But otherwise you can communicate that with your surgeon in a consultation. I am a lean PCOS type and for me it went absolutely fine. I didn't notice more side effects/inflammation than what's normal. I ate protein-rich, low-sodium, no caffeine and eh I tried low carb and kinda failed, but the first 2 are most important

  4. im in a range of 110-115, its just my eating habit , is not consistent, Yoyo all the time , clean eating and later o craved again. 😮‍💨😭

  5. The HOMA Index is different and more future predictive than the glucose levels which are normal for most here unlessyour (pre)diabetes is manifested

  6. I make jello with gelatin and diluted juice instead. It has as much anecdotal benefits as collagen supplements ;) I enjoy jello so not a lot to lose here.

  7. Someone mentioned most tips. Unfortunately rhinoplasty will be the only thing I can imagine for your nose, especially if it gives you breathing issues you might want to check for that in case this changes things for insurance.

  8. I have been prescribed a fusidic acid + beclometasone cream to apply in the morning and evening for a few days after each laser session. It's to be applied over a moisturizer and prevents irritation/infection.

  9. Not bashing you but any antibiotic or bacteriostatic active (e.g. fusidic acid here) shouldn't be taken irregularly and as prevention to avoid resistances in the future. I'm just sensitive towards the non-critical prescription of antibiotic/-static treatments because I had patients die because of antobiotic resistent bacteria, we already use WHO reserve antibiotics like Meropenem and it needs more attention imo.

  10. You seem pretty on top of this. Most people with PCOS who do not have regular ovulation/long cycles are indeed low in progesterone (b/c it's ovulation that triggers progesterone production), but if normal ovulation is restored that will usually fix itself. Alternatively, going on the Pill (or hormonal IUD) would supply synthetic progestin in a steady dose. However, usually the lack of ovulation in PCOS is due to the elevated androgens, which in turn are usually due to excess production of insulin. So the low progesterone is an endpoint symptom rather than a cause, if that makes sense.

  11. Thank you very much for this detailed answer I always appreciate it and it helps me set my priorities. I was contemplating which lab result would help me most but after your insight (and after finding out it's called HOMA-Index, which is available to me) I feel more drawn towards testing for IR and letting my hormones be hormones for now (the clinical symptoms are already clearer than the IR in my case anyway)

  12. Yes! If I remember correctly, if it's over 2, indicates insulin resistance. My first result was 3.8, and that was a good indication for my doctor's to treat me accordingly

  13. Thanks that's helpful, I know most places work with Bioscentia anyway. Maybe I can request it with my next blood panel

  14. I started taking it in powder form a while back for overall health benefits and noticed that it started making my dark brown eyes lighter. I freaked out and stopped taking it, lol. Has that happened to anyone else??

  15. When I was looking up side effects I sam some people say the same, it seems to be harmless from their POV

  16. Are these the ones people said grew their boobs? I'm hesitant to take them when one of the reasons I want to lose weight is to lose boobs.. but I want to try it if it causes vivid dreams lol. I love vivid dreams.

  17. I think it plays a minor role for boobs they use fenugreek and other stuff more, it's more about collagen and hair/nail growth

  18. It strenghtens the abdominal transverse muscle that holds back your organs and it's basically like constantly having your stomach a bit sucked in if you train it. It reduces bloating too so even if you don't lose weight you look slimmer because the muscle is trained well. Besides we tend to overwork our back and it can cause some muscle imbalances too. Personally I do notice from doing them, that my belly is flatter, but not because I lost weight. I just feel more tension there, in a good way

  19. Would you reccomend that I do it only in the morning or like only a certain amount a week? Some sources say to do it only in the morning and some say to do it throughout the day

  20. It doesn't actually matter, just do what feels better. I do it whenever I feel like it even at bus stops because I cannot bring up the motivation at morning. I just wouldn't do it on a full stomach, because it's uncomfortable and the pressure can make you throw up potentially (well at least I almost felt like it when I did that out of curiosity)

  21. That might be true but that doesn't have anything to do with it, idk it just seems kinda fucked up that men have to bear with women pretending like they're always right, it doesn't just happen with me but with everyone else or mostly, women should just get their shit together and stop pretending to be the queen with a servant type relationship where the man has to agree to everything she says, I know I'm going to get alot of hate from this but I'm not expecting you to agree with me since you people are blinded by love.

  22. Dude chill no one has to bear with anything, just be an adult in a relationship and if either one is having that type of dynamic break it off. No one cares if it's a woman or man doing that shit - just don't be an asshole

  23. Manes by Mell tried it and wasn't impressed she compared that side with her diffusor attachment

  24. I use a lot of TO for my body, very affordable and effective and I don’t mind the formulas for my body or face at night

  25. On IG they ask for suggestions for product development from time to time.

  26. Lots of people on here talking about a “normal number of shed hairs” but only you know if this is an abnormal amount for you, someone else might see this and this may be the normal amount for them. I was seeing a lot of hair loss recently (last couple months) and couldn’t pinpoint why, still not sure. But this month I decided to cut carbs and sugar (and caffeine and alcohol) for other health reasons and in my first shower of the year I saw SUCH a dramatic decrease of shed hairs. This has kept up for the rest of the month for me, now I’m only losing half as much as I normally would. Not sure what part of this diet exactly is helping, but I know the pendulum is swinging back to where it should be. Again, everyone is different, but this is something I noticed helped me a lot. Good luck! We have curly hair (and lots of it) so don’t worry too much, it will grow back!

  27. You might want to check out PCOS and if it applies to you, because low carb diets often help that group of people and it's VERY common to have it. Also I agree people say it's normal and it's dismissive of actual potential issues. Hair loss can be normal but sometimes it's a symptom

  28. Not taking any medicine. My hair is wavy, fine, and a little below my collar bone. I wash it every ~3 days or so. Back in July my hairdresser said I had fine hair but a lot of it. I feel like this is way too much hair to be losing though and the density is lower.

  29. I pick at my skin because of my adhd and need to have my hands busy and my anxiety. I am medicated for both but under high stress situations it will flare more than normal. I try to keep my hands busy with my pens and highlighters in class or playing with my rings. Pimple patches or painting your nails also helps some.

  30. I was gonna say pimple patches. Even if you pick at the aftermath it makes it just cleaner and less inflamed. Also keeping my nails short

  31. Have you watched One Punch Man? The more you exercise, the quicker you're going to get balder.

  32. There are powdered sunscreens one can apply throughout the day. I don't know how protective they are. If I recall correctly they have zinc in them which is in the non chemical sunscreens....although zinc is a chemical as is everything on the planet! Anyway, Colorescience has powered brush-on spf 50 sunscreen but it's $62 fuckin' dollars. Ouch.

  33. I think I need to look more into powdered EU available sunscreens even if it's just for making me less oily like someone else suggested. I just keep hearing how they are underapplied but I can see it work with some mattifying effects otherwise. I'll look into the ones you mentioned tysm ❤️❤️

  34. You could try setting powder to set your first application. It will make you less oily from the 1st application. And the new application will adhere to it and becomes less oily as well.

  35. Thanks, do you mean just normal setting powders for makeup? Can you recommend a brand? Otherwise it's fine I'm already grateful for the advice 🙏🏻

  36. Haha, I definitely needed more clarifying washes when I tried their shampoo. My hair needs weight added to it to prevent frizz which is probably why I get on so well with their cream!

  37. Ohh haha okay maybe I look for a lighter one but definitely noticing that my moisture mask regulates frizz better so I can try that with your leave in conditioner method and see how it works ❤️

  38. I do use a curl cream and gel and I do find it prevents crustiness but I found the only time my hair ever went too dry after the gel was when I used too much gel? I know the curly girl method recommends as much gel as you can get in there but for my hair at least I get dry and flakey if I do that

  39. Mhh I used like a quarter big amount for my hair but maybe I can try even less. The curly girl recommendations usually ask for a strong cast. Also thank you I'll try a cream too Do you not use any leave in?

  40. So post inflammatory hyperpigmentation isn’t necessarily healed by moisture, because it’s a pigment issue, activated by tyrosinase. A good sunscreen, something to calm the inflammation (red light) and a tyrosinase inhibitor is your best bet. My guess is that protecting your skin barrier allows the skin to heal a bit faster, which is still a great thing!

  41. Yes, that's what I meant, I should have clarified. It heals much faster (also I use SPF50 but it's such a basic for me I forgot to mention it) and that combo works much better on my skin than including a bunch of actives that potentially irritate me, especially since I use 0.05% tretinoin normally (on 2 month break for private reasons) and that makes my skin more likely to react to too many actives like Azelaic acid. It improves the cell turnover (even without tret).

  42. Also, healthy skin barrier isn’t the only thing that helps with cell turnover. As we age, our cell turnover slows down. When you’re young, your skin cells turn over every night. By the time you’re in your 30s it’s about every 8-10 days. Retinol, regular exfoliation, and overall good, consistent skincare is key.

  43. I didn't say it is the only thing 😅 I value your good intentions, but I say it's the most important thing and you cannot add any more actives unless your skin barriere is healthy. But I think we overall agree on the main points

  44. Being a lesbian is piss. I tell a girl she’s hot and she says “yeah, coming from you”

  45. Do you ever experience fatigue from it? Because sometimes I achieve this and then I lose all my energy to keep up this type of personality, even though it's perceived positively

  46. I used to at the start but i guess it’s become second nature now so i don’t have to overthink it and constantly self-correct myself, i’m an ambivert though so constant social-ness does tire me out sometimes,so i have to recharge and take a break

  47. Thank you, you're a true inspiration because your starting point sounds alike mine ❤️ I'm happy for your success

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