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  1. The foam on top means the water is extremely dirty.

  2. Now how does your utility read the meter? 😂

  3. Thank you for sharing! God damn I need bigger pants now 😅.

  4. Can anyone explain why people clog up the fucking piss holes in the porta johns? Is it just to be a dickhead? Is it fun for some people to look at other people’s piss at work?

  5. Upon further research, no! I believe they're called "minorities?"

  6. Just in case anyone wants it, here’s a link explaining how to find a drop off box through CVS:

  7. U.S. Federal Reserve can solve the problem themselves: Voluntarily take a pay cut. Fuck them.

  8. We had one of the hazmat forklift drivers splash his leg on accident. End of the day pulled his foot out to find the meat missing.

  9. It's not the size of your tits, it's the tan lines.

  10. Holy unreadable wall of text Batman! Didn't they teach you about paragraphs in 3rd grade?

  11. You should message them and ask if they’re fucking high

  12. Clearly. Crystal Methamphetamine has entered the chat.

  13. Well, they did say you'll be working with Rust.

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