1. Above the price of the item, click where it says coupon and it's automatically applied at check-out.

  2. Oh thank you! There is something wrong with my home Internet for a few days so it was not loaded for the 1st time. Fxxking Rogers!

  3. Returnal, guardians of the galaxy, Death stranding - I'm gonna busy for awhile now.

  4. Death Stranding is a perfect example that I don’t wanna pay full price but desperately wished to play for a long long time.

  5. 560S is super duper good considering it’s price, 600S, 650S are pretty solid. Some reviews say that 600S is slightly better than 650S if you are concerned about response frequency. I agree that 800S is a bit pricy. HD6XX is another one that you could put on your list.

  6. Your description looks as if you are seeking for Etymotic ER2SE/XR

  7. Oh I lived there before! Tho I think the more precise location should be Dublin, OH instead of Columbus, OH? There’s a Sams Club one the other side of the road I remember?

  8. I love the etymotic row. The only diff between mine and yours is that I also have the ER4 series.😂 I have the 1000XM3 and Jabra 65t IEMs as well but I now prefer my Senn 560S and SHP9500 at home

  9. Thanks, I also found loss porta pros, great tip if you have a London drugs store, go into aplyance recycling and get free tech (I didn't ask I just went in and they didn't notice I go every day) and I got loads of free stuff like iPhones iPods fiio DACs and amps

  10. loss porta pro LOL. I did lose a porta pro when I was young. Such thing really hard to fit into a protective bag.

  11. Nothing on my end. Did you start a claim with UPS? They said they're still looking for my package. If you don't mind, any information on your end would be great because I'm starting to get worried.

  12. Apparently theres something wrong on their end. Just be patient for another one day or two.

  13. UPS says the package is lost now. Thankfully Sennheiser agreed to send a replacement. They said this isn’t the only HD560s that went missing.

  14. I think it’s UPS and AFAIK the senders address on my package does not match the tracking info at all, which is extremely weird.

  15. I know it’s not easy to buy electronics with MSRP or below in AR. Congrats!

  16. I have the ER2SE, ER3XR and ER4SR all back when I could still order from Adorama. Basically if you are not serious audio-fi, I feel that ER2SE and ER4SR are not so different. ER4 does come with a fancier carrying case and a engineer certificate (LOL) which are useless for me per se. Also, I hate those genuine eartips. They are solid for audio quality but extremely uncomfortable. Changed to Comply T100 recently and works like a charm. Keep in mind that the MMCX interface is proprietary. Changing cable is a headache

  17. Fresh code, 3 activations, valid till Mar-25

  18. 2 activations left, valid till 15-Mar-22.

  19. Seems like they might gonna renew this product line. Cheapest price in USD was $70 last month. With that in mind, its a steal.

  20. Press F for me folks. I just bought one from Canada Computers for $13 more.

  21. Out of god damned stock immediately.

  22. the PayPal checkout button never worked for me at around 9:15p

  23. I just bought this case and the volume is CRAZY. Using an SFX PSU but it is much larger and heavier than my NZXT H510

  24. Damn I wanted to get this case to replace my NZXT. Apart from size was it worth the "upgrade"?

  25. If you have multiple AIOs, yes. This case can suit up to 2 x 240mm AIOs (or even 280mm?).

  26. 14TB Seagate at $260 is much better IMHO. That just sold out so fast.

  27. Yep, lol. I just purchased some new outer grips for mine so they look good as new, but the inner grips are superglued down.

  28. I glued them both at first, but the genuine outer grips are so badly designed. Had them replaced as well just like what you did.

  29. I haven’t seen any premier game listed on Amazon.com in USA. The prime membership is not compatible outside US as well.

  30. Ok, but you confusion falls within Myth 1-3. You don't seem to understand how Plex accounts and sharing work. Please read Myths 1-3. As a side note, you can have multiple servers under 1 account, Plex Pass or not.

  31. Yeah I already had 2 servers for a long time. The only reason I am having a 2nd account is that I want to “copy” all configs to the new one by sharing so users of the 2nd account won’t have the access to add/delete/modify any of my current database. My intention is like, actually, let other people to use my 2nd account, use a randomly generated ID and passwd, but I would to own this 2nd account. It doesn’t seem possible

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