1. SCOTUS just officially overturned Roe v. Wade, stripping women and people with uteruses their constitutional right to an abortion

  2. They stripped the federal regulation of abortion; the choice now falls to each individual state as to how to regulate it. That doesn't mean abortions are automatically banned everywhere.

  3. No because I’m alone as fuck unless you count my pc which I show all of the love and attention

  4. I'd tattoo my penis so when it's soft it says "Wendy" but when it gets hard you can see that it actually says "Welcome to Alaska have a nice day"

  5. At 18 I had a friend who is 69 . His wife died from cancer and it was his 69th birthday, but he was so sad. Because I felt bad for him, I sent him nudes and closeup pics 😂😂 It was worth it, because he was just so happy!! But yeah, that is the oldest person I’ve ever done anything “sexual” with.

  6. i’m 18, my rule is they have to be older than me, i cannot date someone my age or younger , they’re so immature, i need him to be older than me

  7. I prefer it dyed a wild color and spiked into a Mohawk in the style of an 80's punk band. I recognize, however, that this is difficult to achieve with panties so I take what I can get.

  8. The actual creation of mucus, and discharge from the human body is fascinating. Glycoproteins, lipids, DNA, dead WBC. It's all comes together to help protect the human body.

  9. Actually yes, preventing tearing and damage through lubrication is an important job for secretions.

  10. When he gets distracted by things like food and video games, it makes my pussy jealous

  11. Painful at first but incredibly pleasurable once you're used to it?

  12. I don't want to get used to paying $63 to fill my tank.

  13. My sports car takes $30 to fill up with premium and gets 29mpg... Never forget Miata is always the answer.

  14. Last night I jerked off in a pool while some dude got head from his wife. I'm pretty sure she swallowed too.

  15. I've never thought about it, but OP has a legitimate question.

  16. And the answer is 167.64mm, because I know you were wondering.

  17. Yours specifically? I couldn't say, but I'm willing to find out.

  18. Help me clean up, call me a good girl, kiss me on my forehead, & once I’m done cooling off, cuddle with me please.

  19. Fun fact: the term "glory hole" originated in gold mining, as a reference to a spot where there was a high concentration of gold ore.

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