1. If global warming was really going to destroy the coasts, would Bill Gates be dropping millions on ocean front mansions?

  2. The more interesting fact about the data from Germany is that it's 9 from exactly 9 months after the vaccine rollout. More data is needed, but there seems to be a strong correlation

  3. 9 months after the vaccination of people aged 60+, 7 months after they started vaccination of the 60- age group. I doubt vaccinating the 60+ people has a big effect on births.

  4. Considering that children ages 12-16 were able to get vaccinated starting on June 7 2021, you're absolutely wrong. The data shows the first 3 months of 2022. That would account for pregnancies that started in April, May and June. By July, over 30 million people had already received full doses of the vaccine. Try looking up some actual data

  5. My worries are that people will start stocking homes waiting for them to be empty

  6. Same here. As someone on that list I'm worried that I'm now a target. It wouldn't be smart for them to come to my house, but now I feel like I can't even take my dog and go anywhere because someone might be waiting to break in

  7. Why am I seeing memes about the lightsabers? Who's else besides Reva's is buried there?

  8. This it's just an overall joke, because at the end of TROS Rey buried Luke and Leia's sabers, plus Kenobi rn (presumably, according to articles?) also buried 2.

  9. Oh gotcha. I never watched TRoS after seeing what a dumpster fire TLJ was so I didn't understand. Thank you

  10. You should write an open letter criticizing your boss and pass it around to your coworkers. See what happens. It's not against the idea of free speech. None of those employees had their speech suppressed. They said what they wanted and suffered consequences from it. This is the expected response at almost any company you could imagine.

  11. If they are gonna make him manifest visually they defiently got some explaining to do, because that's the whole point that qui gon teaches obi Wan how to maintane his physical Form after death, and not just the conscience.

  12. Except Qui Gon didn't master the ability to physically appear. Just his voice

  13. Hit it right on the head, what a missed opportunity to see these characters interact when they actually meet face to face for the first time in a decade. Cut out the scene of Reva finding the tunnel and use that to have Obi Wan and Vader have some meaningful dialogue. Just imagine how powerful a line like “what would Padme think about what you just done in that town” or something like that to relate back to the prequels.

  14. Or, just add more dialogue and leave the Reva scene. All of these episodes are under an hour. It's a shame because they aren't restricted to normal run times like you would have on TV

  15. Twitter has become so ubiquitous, the argument is it'd be like the phone company censoring what people say on their networks. Comparing this to letting people subvert leadership at a company seems apples-to-oranges to me.

  16. They should be regulated as a public utility just like the phone companies. Love how people are downvoting you for pointing this out. It's also laughable to say they have no role as a government entity when the government has been regularly asking/telling them to take stuff down in regards to Covid. They are in lockstep with the gov

  17. Phone companies aren't government owned.

  18. You need to work on your reading comprehension because I never said they were. They are regulated as public utilities just like electric, and water companies

  19. This is a fundamental attribution error. There are too many unknowns to know if the whole relationship is bad. It might hurt her feelings, it doesn't mean she'll refuse to respect boundaries completely. If you bail on every relationship the first time a single issue comes up that can't be quickly resolved you're going to get quite lonely.

  20. See most of the people on here are probably teenagers. They likely have 0 clue about how real adult relationships work, especially marriages. Everyone has a dumb, over inflated idea of how marriage should be, and I think that's what leads to a lot of divorces. Marriage is complicated

  21. Right?? (Not that I’m married, but we’ve been together 14 years so it feels like it.)

  22. Honestly, when a movie telegraphs they're going to kill off all the characters you spent the entire movie trying to get to like, I lose interest in the movie completely. It becomes murder porn at that point, and the antithesis of what Star Wars is to me. It why I don't respect Rogue one as a Star Wars movie and the mixed directors result in patchwork style from scene to scene that makes it difficult to respect it as movie. As science fiction, it's big final Sci fi setpiece is literally taken from Spaceballs, the greatest Star Wars movie ever.

  23. That's a personal taste obviously, but I totally disagree. It worked great with R1 because it lent gravity to the sacrifices made by the rebellion during their war with the Empire. A lot of people gave up their lives to make the galaxy more free. It also gives a good story as to how the hell the rebels got the Death Star plans in the first place

  24. It's a 5+ hour show with a budget less than a movie. The budget isn't limitless.

  25. Lol it's not 5 hours though. Episode 5 was like 36 minutes without the credits.

  26. I guess Qui-gon’s just a pussy bitch for not walking off his stomach stab

  27. He let himself die so he could become one with the force. Obi Wan does the same thing in ANH

  28. Seems like a pretty bad time to decide that. His not training Anakin might very well have led to Darth Vader. Of course, he was big into the "Will of the Force", so maybe that was just the outcome the force had in mind. The Force can be a real jerk sometimes.

  29. Yea but Reva survives it as well. It's just dumb, either kill Qui Gon properly or make sure all these other characters die as well

  30. I think the explanation is that Qui Gon allowed himself to die so he could become one with the force. Just like Obi Wan does in ANH and Yoda in RoTJ. As far as I remember in lore, you have to willingly accept death to merge with the force and become a ghost.

  31. I don't know if this is a tip, but I work in the semiconductor industry. My first employer (A) after my PhD had me sign a non-compete, but I interviewed for, and received an offer from one of the companies (B) that I wasn't supposed to go to. When I quit and A got to know, they imposed the non-compete on me, which meant that I couldn't work for B. However, the clause also said that A would pay me for one year in such a case - and I took that one year pay. I then applied for another company that wasn't in the non-compete list, worked there for a year and went back to B (B was in the loop this whole time).

  32. In those cultures the needs and feelings of women are secondary. The man must be “honored” above all else. It’s fucking sad. I feel terrible for women in cultures that feel this way

  33. There's an argument to be made to be sad for some of them. But a lot of those cultures are different. Their moral systems are different than ours and many of them believe in religious morality more than independent, western ideals of morality. They view it as their religious duty and would feel immoral if it was any other way. You can disagree with it, but they may not see a problem with it

  34. Then it would be unfair with inquisitors ! If you carefully look at timeline then you will find inquisitors have a major role in these Jedi hunting events ! When vader’s appearance is necessary only for kenobi! There is nothing wrong with screen time infact i was expecting a small conversation between vader and palptine about kenobi:/ i think it will come up in upcoming episodes when vader will be defeated

  35. I think you are right for flashback scenes because i was expecting that too ! But it doesn’t make any impact, and when I remember upto my knowledge flashback kind of things not exist in StarWars universe they have flashbacks from future ( like anakin & maul having it in clone wars) because such visuals are part of jedi powers :/ or they intentionally look in past (like in rebels) in bad-batch they showed live order 66 event then in book of boba we saw gorgu’s flashback for the first time and that was strangely intentional like luke helped and he can use force to see those memories, hmm i am definitely sure flashbacks logic isn’t exist in star-wars especially for force users. We saw flashbacks from boba cuz he is more like human

  36. Flashbacks don't have to come from the characters. They can just be shown as context adding scenes. But jedi can definitely have flashbacks. Everyone has memories...

  37. Dangerous "to the integrity of the IP" lol.

  38. They will though. It's all a big conspiracy. Disney is the largest illegal organ harvester in the galaxy

  39. Not sure what internet you were hanging around on but after ep 3 a lot of people talked about teleportation in tunnels and other aspects. They were cautiously hopeful to hear a satisfying reasoning why vader let obiwan go,etc and they got ep 4.

  40. But it’s realistic. To some extent all marriages are a contract. We let “love “ get in the way.

  41. Lol love how you're getting downvoted. Goes to show you how most of the people here are teenagers who don't actually understand marriage. It's all about being a good team and working together. Love obviously plays a part, but it's not the kind of love in RomComs that we're so conditioned to think is the only way.

  42. So do people usually not love each other before they get married? I understand that marriage is more than just loving each other but I never said it wasn’t… also before you guys get on my case I understand arranged marriages and how a lot of the time with other religions or cultures they do that but… OP is not in an arranged marriage tho so quit digging

  43. The point is sometimes people get married just because they love each other snd without realizing they aren't a good match. Yes, the majority of people who get married in Western cultures love each other. However, many people get married because they're in love and feel like it's the next step and just what you're supposed to do. When you add children and all the other things that usually come with marriage, it becomes clear very quickly that you need more than just love. Life becomes difficult, and you need a strong partner to navigate it and keep your relationship healthy

  44. Can’t they just jump on the nets and then jump off them?

  45. I killed them all, or not just the Germen, but the Gerwomen and Gerchildren too.

  46. “it’s okay dude” like bro he was cowering in the corner and he was like “WOAAAH CMON MAN”

  47. We are talking about dudes who dress up like pretend soldiers to shoot plastic bb's at each other. Doesn't seem like they're likely to actually want to fight

  48. How's that 8.6% inflation treating you?

  49. Try more like 15%. They're very good at changing how they calculate inflation so they can make it say what they want

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