1. I was just saying “yo” but in an exited way, it’s how I act when I’m excited and I don’t know anything else to say.

  2. God I wish adhd gave me tits. Autism gives me gender and adhd gives me nothing. I deserve some damn tits

  3. Good options to cover a neck are chokers, or collars, or a turtleneck, or paint, or those bank burglar masks

  4. At least it’s pilk (Pepsi milk( and not pilk (pee milk)

  5. Well yeah. Mixing two good things together doesn’t always mean the combination will also be good. (Pilks an exception)

  6. Yeah it makes the joke 3 times as good! Just like how it takes 3 seconds to unfollow a person who you are complaining about as they are the one who repogs a blost 3 times in a row, instead of complaining to Reddit like a dumbass

  7. I know this is a shitpost but for some reason this causes me actual distress what the fuck

  8. yeah, but prob also the (although fake/joking)”I’m gonna die goodbye <3) is prob what’s doing it Like I am genuinely feeling concerned and feel the urge to try to help them with mental health. (Although in this content it isn’t mental hleatr that’s causing the death it’s in and out holding a gun to their head)

  9. Double sided dildos exist and I’m pretty sure double slides fleshlights exist to also two tops could just suck each other off

  10. Either they have a large ass or a very large and flexible shaft

  11. Yeah that’s the ideal world. Just having friends who enjoy that game would be cool (I’ve been gifting it to some of my friends trying to get them to get into it) (It’s kind worked. I got my cousin into it a lot)

  12. Why is "c section baby" becoming a new slur? No, really, I've seen it more than once now, what on earth has caesarian section got to do with anything

  13. How is a pirate born? Via Sea section Also as a c section baby, if anyone says that irl unironicly, just pour salt water on them

  14. Autistic furrys would just die instantly then

  15. This is why I split up my sentences into paragraphs

  16. I misread that as him saying “that’s why you came after me, baby” like some kind of anime austin powers

  17. I read it as “anime autism powers” and I was 100% ready to just accept that

  18. Look, I’m pretty sure a lot of us would lose our humanity for a better form, (I’m also pretty sure a lot of us autistic people are furrys(or at least more likely to be furrys),and more likely to be trans. So that prob has an impact)

  19. That sounds like a medieval punishment involving stuffing the criminal into a cannon, and firing them at whoever you're at war with.

  20. I mean, as a switch, that’s kinda how it is tho, when a keyboard slam happens it happens hard

  21. Crimsyn is the worst white person name I’ve ever seen. Crimson? That’s a weird but can be cool name. But crimsyn? That’s how you get bullied in middle school. Reminds me of how I’m trying to peer pressure my dad and step mom into naming their new child “onyx” or some other sort of stone name

  22. It happens. The game doesn't manage the log file and it can become extremely large, especially with many mods loaded and doing their thing.

  23. How do you check your log file? Does it automatically clear itself?

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