1. I've boiled down this coming year to what works best with my dry rubs.

  2. Bakerspeppers.com has a few to choose from last time I checked. They have a bunch of fresh nuclear hots as well!

  3. My 2 cents, the two distributors I use the most, is Baker Creek based out of Missouri, and a veteran owned company called Bohica Pepper Hut. Always got what I ordered, and have had extremely high germination rates.

  4. Glad to hear your family wasn't injured! There are goals underlying her my friend, first off, parents get their home fixed up! Then, baby the old girl to see if glory can be restored. If not, then aim towards offspring to carry on the legacy!

  5. How ripe should the pod be if you want to keep the seeds? Are the seeds mature once it turns fully red, or do you need to wait after they're red?

  6. Full color change is ideal. Most i know that collect seed wait about another 4-7 days to harvest off the plant to ensure full seed viability.

  7. Something small, with fur. Pellet rifle and patience. Wait, you're in commiefornia... those may be illegal...

  8. lol if only. 40 years ago we knew an old Mexican man that would load his front pocket with these every morning and walk around eating them 1x1 every single day and every time he ate one his crew would look on at him and wince in pain.

  9. Damn, seems a bit much, and here I thought my friends thought I was Loco because I'll tend to my plants during the summer walking around eating Charapita and ghost peppers while I'm working...

  10. 3 full jars made 4 smaller jars of powder. I think next time I'll wear a mask. Lol. Couple bad breaths. My lips are hot and I didn't eat any.

  11. No problem! I don’t mind explaining. It’s a Puerto Rican hot sauce made with any variety of peppers, cilantro, garlic, and whatever else suits a persons fancy, all topped with vinegar. You let it sit and refill as you use it. It’s pretty and useful.

  12. This is outstanding my friend! I'm thinking of doing this (or something similar) with olive oil.

  13. Got mine also. Not all super-hots, but plenty on my list for my seasoning blends. My most looked forward to starting is around 20 Charapita plants, 10ish (Hatch-strain) Chile plants, and my all time flavorite, Burning Bush Habanero.

  14. I've come pretty close, only have about 6 more pounds of different peppers to process over the winter.

  15. I was considering, but looking up for gaining accession numbers seems super involved and from what I've seen, can be costly. Unless I'm missing something. I mean, I only have a back yard and 5 gal buckets, not 1000's of seed to work with...I have to be missing something here...

  16. Ah, thanks! I had to pull alot of green hot and super hot peppers because of frost (southern ontario). And a bunch are sitting by window but interesting to know they'll have a different flavour if grew the sames ones again properly

  17. They will definitely have a lot more flavor, and a hell of a lot more heat when full ripe in the plant

  18. Much appreciated, makes complete sense. First year of trying to grow peppers seriously.

  19. It's all about the learning curve. Even those of us that's grown for years still learn new things every year

  20. Outstanding photo! GRAITIS!!! I've seen some flower coop photos done before, impressive as they were, this one by far takes that pepper.... :grin:

  21. That's awesome! I myself am more of a purest when it comes to my Charapita. Hope they do well for you!

  22. Why not both? Have a pure charapita plant to enjoy and make your own crosses in the meantime with others. I myself grow 20+ plants at a time so I have the space and time. I plan on crossing some of these together to get more variation and flavors. Some taste cherry/blackcurrant flavor and some are more sweet heat with bubblegum/candy sweetness. Making your own peppers is incredibly rewarding!

  23. Oh believe me, I've considered it for a while, but as of now, I want to remain a "purist" for a couple reasons, one being room, decent suburban back yard that I'm using 5g buckets for some of my varieties, and a playhouse for the kids in the rest. The other reason is that I'm growing the cherished Pita, purely to dry and powder for my ambitions...

  24. Please people, correct me if I'm wrong, I'm trying to learn more about these wonderful plants, but are those healthy roots, a little root-bound? Could it do with a bigger pot or do they not look too root-bound as such?

  25. Not entirely, these healthy roots are growing a fuzz around them in search for the next best area to start growing. I get it all the time. These in particular, aren't as root bound as they look seeing as the bulk is primarily around the base.

  26. Thank you for the information. I'm such a green thumb, but I'm learning and I'm grateful for the information shared by people with a wealth of knowledge on this sub.

  27. I can dig the whole "no heat" thing, I have family with gall bladder issues, or removals, so I always look for pepper flavors they enjoy without the capsaicin. I may add these no heat peños to my grow list for next year. Thanks for the post!

  28. The beetle is a foe, but not much to be concerned with. The darkening happens with sun exposure. Also nothing to fret over, they will ripen out to their own color in the end.

  29. For peps in a can, I'd say you're doin pretty good! Plants look healthy.

  30. She get that from Marshall’s? That’s the only place I’ve been able to find that habanero honey mustard. That stuff rocks!!

  31. Definitely. I asked if she'd seen it anywhere else and she said the only place she'd seen it was there. Maybe our local grocer, but not sure.

  32. Right on i love mustard flavored hot sauces just got some pirates lantern which has been tasty and got Melinda's habenero mustard on the way but will keep that one in mind going forward. Enjoy and have a great rest of your weekend

  33. I haven't tried the Melinda's mustard yet. I'll be getting that one too. You also!

  34. Looks like a Hab to me. Albeit unripe, but you're neighbor is a clown. You should tell them to eat one since Serrano isn't that hot, and then see what they think.

  35. Haha! She’s a sweet, older lady. She gave my mom two of her four plants, so she will have the pleasure of eating one before too long.

  36. Oh damn, well, if that be the case, that'd be some shit if she knows exactly what, and pulled the ol' bait and switch! Baahahaha! Likely not, but I thought it be funny.

  37. Some of them look like they were left inside the actual chilli for to long and perhaps it was starting to rot..it happens if not dried properly or enough airflow. Throw them in some dirt and see what happens, you have nothing to lose..

  38. Agree. But I've a bit of experience with it, if the seeds are let to sun dry, cut open and/or stemmed, then the seed will darken a bit. One caveat, too much sun, can decrease the germination rate.

  39. Received them from some online vendor. They look 10+ years old and I sort of freaked out, never seen them so dark. But I’ll go ahead and try to germinate, thanks!

  40. Worst that can happen? They don't. Provide pics and timelines to the vendor and tell them they're jacked up.

  41. Looks eerily similar to the PJ yellow brain X Faatali I grew last season... take some caution, if you look through my posts, I made a video in my kitchen eating one.

  42. I would definitely look into bringing her inside to winter over! That's a gorgeous fruit tree you haz!

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