1. Went down to a mine, something like a kilometer deep and was talking to an engineer. When we stopped talking and it became silent a frog croaked, a kilometer deep in the earth.

  2. Are you sire thats a lady. Only male frogs are meant to croak

  3. Thank you so much!! Thats my first time keeping slings... Do you have any general info I should know because I kinda dont know what to do:/

  4. no sorry, i’m really a beginner😭😭 only thing i had trouble with when i had my sling was mold, i got so scared of the mold i dried out the enclosure too much and she died:( so just make sure you keep the humidity in the right range, and mold isn’t as big a problem as you may think

  5. no, she was dried out for too long:( humidity is rly important especially when they’re little. but now i know that and i’m gonna try again soon hopefully

  6. There are communal huntsmen but unfortunately they're probably around the same size as T's in leg span, still worth having a look if you mean inches instead of cm

  7. aw poor guys, ribeye are so beautiful. if you want to you can put them in a jar with rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer to preserve them, i did it with a beautiful crab spider that died outside my house once

  8. reptisafe. Nothing else will make it safe for the geckos

  9. I have 60+ gallon tanks so it’s different for me but I stir up my substrate a bunch and make a plume mess before I water change and filter change. Helps me get most of it out and the rest settles in 20 mins. A lot of that holds good bacteria so don’t make your substrate dinner plate clean

  10. I have quite a few tanks in my fish room from 5 gallons to 90. Most are heavily planted, overstocked, with deep substrate beds and i only use sponge filters. I water change 25% every two weeks, but that's mostly to bring in more minerals for the plants. I use sand, gravel, aquasoil, pea gravel from home depot....all kinds of stuff and it all pretty much works the same way. My advice is do things the way you want and adjust it as you go until you figure out what works best. Don't rely too much on what others so as a rule, but just guidelines.

  11. please unban pocd!!! it’s really harmful to ignore that part of ocd and just makes the stigma 100% worse

  12. "Crying on my lunch break" by self harm? Are you taking the piss?

  13. bro 💀 they have other shit too. i just talked about their latest. they literally have a song called Rot In Piss y r u mad

  14. i use seachem prime to keep my parameters good, and u can rinse gunk out of ur filter media (could be old food spoiling ur water stuck in filter) just don’t use tap water (chlorine in tap water will kill good bacteria)!! use the water you took out in a water change! don’t scrub the filter or anything, just get the chunks and decaying plant matter or food out:) you will prob wanna do a rly big water change w how bad the ammonia is rn, just be gentle and maybe do it over the course of a few days as to not upset the betta. we’ve all been here!! no shame, just do your best with the fish

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