1. Dude need to wrap this shit up the world know you gay now they can’t take that back it’s been exposed he might as well just live his life now

  2. Sir... Therapy is needed.. You mentally fucked My Guy.

  3. I love ‘em , I haven’t been able to find a new plug with these for like 2 years

  4. Are you taking the oxy mixed w Tylenol it’s common to itch off those

  5. Let’s be honest. Akademiks is just a geeked out nerd that talks crazy on the internet lol. He’s never outside and you don’t see him in no public places lol

  6. Lol idk I still wanna see em fight lil baby he got a few pounds on him

  7. What’s the point he one of them people the comments come so fast you can’t read them

  8. Figured as much since I only see people get excited over 100mg morphine. I'll probably just use it for my back until I get some oxys or hydros.

  9. Stones the only Chicago gang out there I think it’s only one or 2 sets of them , cali got they own shit goin on

  10. N he didn’t get beat up he literally quit cause he they told em he had pick gang banging or hooping and while he was away he got laced

  11. Went to h.s w him, he got himself together he play basketball for a team in Mexico now n he still fw bricksquad that’s his blood family

  12. NY lame asf they wants to be [email protected] so bad that Nigga d thang named himself after durk brother , stole uk music n then stole our everything but they not only city b stealing our shit

  13. lol anybody could just comment that but he did say some supported named Renee Is paying to get his car fixed

  14. Lol them NY dudes love Chicago culture. I seen a dude from there have ‘frmthao’ in his @ name as well 😭 i’m like wtf lmao

  15. They modeled they whole shit from Chicago I seen a clip of interview tb they was naming they self after Chicago Niggas like D thang got his name from durk brother

  16. Apparently it’s bcs of a blackgate nigga that snitched on multiple people… but they’re saying that he’s gon beat it bcs he had nothing to do w it🤦🏾‍♂️ When is he even going to court for this shit?

  17. Damn and I think he locked up or he was last time I checked

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