1. Needle stopper. You put it on the end of your knitting needles to help keep the stitches from falling off when you’re not working the project. In cases of lace needles helps you not get stabbed.

  2. Cross section, cross section, we must have a cross section. You can’t tease us with sweet tangy goodness without a cross section.

  3. Yep. Lots of coco melon and thank god for Disney+. That’s the only way I can get their sick little selves to sit down and keeping the gross that issues from them relatively contained to one area of the house.

  4. No fix :( we've all been there! Super frustrating.

  5. Where the hell was this advice when I needed it!

  6. The prophecy has come true the destroyer has awakened and he’s too cute and fluffy to murder…🤨

  7. My 5 year old gets a bath or shower 2-3 times a week. The 2 year old gets one almost ever night. But he tends to wear his food and he like to play in the tub.

  8. what rod are you using? You can up grade them from sunny. And where are you fishing for them. I’ve had good luck in the morning at the lake.

  9. How many do you need for a throw?

  10. Are you telling me that you are supposed to have a plan before buying yarn ? Everyone knows that buying yarn and crocheting yarn are two different hobbies, right? Right... ?

  11. Hate to be the one to say it, but have you tried Barkeeper’s Friend?

  12. Seconding this and maybe a pumice stone if you can get it in there.

  13. Easter eggs. You can use scrap yarn and experiment with patterns and color. You can even put little bells or squeaky toys inside and turn them into pet toys. When Covid was happening and all the plastic eggs ran out. I made a bunch to stash around the house for the kids to find. My 2 year old uses them in his play kitchen and even groups the colors for sorting.

  14. Stuffed animals and dolls. My in-laws and husbands extended family almost exclusively gift these. There’s nowhere to put them in our small apartment.

  15. The dolls, especially with brushable hair. After a week it’s a rats nest that no amount of brushing or conditioning will get out, and she doesn’t want to play with it anymore.

  16. The Container Store, but beware — the customer service has really gone downhill lately.

  17. That portion got cut off with the update. There are areas on the silver kelp level that have been redone or removed.

  18. I am planning my 2023 on excel for the first time. I’m very impressed with what you’ve done here. Thank you for the ideas and for sharing your template

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