1. I'm a software developer and systems architect for 45 years (and counting). I still run Win XP (in a VM on a few systems, and natively on physical hardware on another). They're all connected online. None of them have been infected with malware or viruses.

  2. There's been talk of this action for at least the last 2 years. My favorite ad block extension continues to be effective in blocking ads. Should Google move forward with this restriction of adblocking, then it will have a significant impact on my decision to continue to use chromebooks.

  3. I respectfully and completely disagree with that view. Columbo was always paying compliments to people.... men, women, children, various ages and walks of life. He was observant and complimented all of them with either their appearance, fashion, or accomplishments.

  4. Beautiful! Even more so because it is running OS/2. Tracking down OS/2 drivers these days is indeed difficult. But it was also difficult back when OS/2 was still being actively developed and marketed... so in that respect, you're getting a vintage experience. 😳😁

  5. Beautiful! Proper keyboard and no trackpad the way they're supposed to be. 😉 My all-time favorite classic ThinkPad is the follow on... 760ED.

  6. I love the 760ED too but hate the sound card it comes with, which is the Mwave.

  7. MWave was indeed a pain. But once the drivers and software matured, it was fine. The 760ED was a multimedia creation powerhouse for the time and used that system to its fullest. (I was a software developer at IBM at the time)

  8. There were a variety of reasons for choosing XP over Vista and Win 7. The most prominent reason was performance and stability. The pace of release of advanced hardware capable of running Vista and Win 7 well was slow. Those systems were also expensive.

  9. I CAN imagine. It's very similar to a senior citizen logging on to TikTok for the first time. 😉

  10. Interesting. I’ve never heard of “Ms” being a spinster. I was always taught that it was for women who didn’t want any to share their marital status or where you didn’t know the woman’s preference.

  11. You are correct. "Ms." came into more mainstream use in the late 1970's... and it was used by women as a form empowerment... that they are individuals in and of their own right (not to be judged by their marital status)

  12. I appreciate your take on this. It's a good one. One thing I've noticed throughout the series is that when the killer is a kind person (other than killing someone), Columbo treats them kindly. That added a dimension to the character that is one reason why the show is timeless and a classic.

  13. I own a 2021 K5 EX that I purchased new back in Jan 2021.

  14. The rubbing sound when turning the steering wheel? There's a tsb to replace a bearing in the steering column. You can get it fixed under warranty.

  15. Thank you! I believe I found it (CHA 111). I'll be contacting the dealer's service dept to schedule an appt. thanks again!

  16. Is there a way to masquerade as an immigrant to get on that flight? (asking for a friend)

  17. Out of the box, I prefer Win 7's design. But as a framework for customization, Win XP wins hands-down.

  18. In Dec 2019, I bought a yellow Kia Soul EX for my wife. Fast-foward 2.5+ years. She is still absolutely delighted with it. No trouble or issues at all... well except for a goofy firmware update (which made the screen icons have a lavender glow... terrible intentional design) (I ended up buying a 2021 K5 EX a year later for myself).

  19. To the best of my knowledge, the problems still persist. After a bad experience with the Lenovo USI pen for my Duet, I ended up with the Penoval USI pen. It's still going strong.

  20. While ANY markup is offensive, it is pretty mild compared to what I've been seeing on Kias. A $2K markup on a $53K vehicle pales in comparison to the nearly $10K markup on a $28K K5.

  21. I own a few notebooks running various OSes, including Linux Mint. But chromebooks are the closest thing to an internet appliance that we have. In that regard, Chrome OS is superior to Linux. So when I'm doing internet-y things, I'll use my ThinkPad Chromebook.

  22. I call it, "fauxvid". For those who contract covid-19 but don't want to admit it. :stuck_out_tongue:

  23. i have the same chromebook and I love the matte screen. but I understand that not everyone likes them.

  24. This is a great question... and one that I continue to wrestle with. In the past, Chrome OS visually differentiated the icons between Chrome OS apps and Android apps.

  25. Be thankful that he didn't give you some apple cider vinegar and urine to drink to cure you. :smile:

  26. Congrats! As a fellow K5 owner who lives in Arizona, I highly recommend taking it out on the open highway. Drive up to Flagstaff on I-17. The K5 can actually accelerate going up the twisties without breaking a sweat.

  27. Saw (2004), Hostel (2005), and other films of that ilk. Once I understood that there was a whole sub-genre of films featuring gratuitous torture, I was able to avoid the rest. Those are the type of films that Videodrome (1983) warned about.

  28. eh. Wait a year and they'll announce plans for another Pixelbook. This is what they do... when it comes to hardware, they're erratic and unpredictable.

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