1. I love it! This is a great example of how an operating system can be both functional and fun. I miss those days. This has given me more incentive to fire up my XP systems and virtualbox images more often.

  2. Nice! Is that case "reversible"? What I mean, can you remove the case from the back and place it on the front to protect the screen? I'm always on the hunt for thin, lightweight solutions to protect my Kindle's screen when in transit.

  3. The thing that I dislike about our Kia vehicles so far is their lack of transparency in what the infotainment updates contain. The infotainment update to my wife's 2020 Soul was a step backward.

  4. Oh my sincere apologies, I didn’t know I couldn’t voice my opinion on something that I don’t like.

  5. Obviously you CAN express your opinion, but it would be helpful for us to know if you knew before you purchased the vehicle that the storage space was insufficient for your needs.

  6. ThinkPads aren't commodity laptops. Traditionally they were never the fastest, most powerful, or having the greatest capacity. They didn't compete with consumer laptops on "value" = price / capacity scale.

  7. not just old school cool…. old school amazing. I hope that she was blessed for her sacrifice.

  8. I love both of these films and saw them both in theaters during their initial theatrical releases.

  9. I played that game back before there were any personal computers. I used a teletype terminal... no screen, everything that I inputed and everything that the program outputted was printed on fanfold paper.

  10. Absolutely beautiful! I appreciate the work it took to bring it back to its original operating environment. Bonus points for the wallpaper. To add a modern spin to it, you'll need a vaporwave playlist on WinAmp.

  11. Thank you! It’s not that i miss macOS or I’m feeling presured, I just want the get the best performance from my laptop, but clearly I don’t know much about that.

  12. For a 2019 T470, installing Windows 10 and tweaking it within an inch of its life is what I would suggest (rather than installing Linux).

  13. Obviously, everyone has their own reasons... but my reasons for buying the new Kia vehicles we own were based on my first-hand experiences with new vehicles over 40+ years.

  14. I don't know about "damage", but Sport mode on my K5 EX keeps the engine revving at higher RPMs which will reduce gas mileage and break down engine oil quicker (relatively speaking).

  15. Obviously a Linux distro that LOOKS like ChromeOS won't act like it. If you want to try Chrome OS (via Flex), you can do one of the following:

  16. I bought it earlier last year at a local retail shop for EUR 165 and now upgraded it with the 1080p IPS panel, a German backlight keyboard and a 1TB Samsung 870 Evo SSD.

  17. The best remakes respect the original material but make changes that retain the feel and flavor of the original.

  18. Wow that's a great deal you got! P.S: share the wallpaper?

  19. Do you have a computer with a DVD drive? Try playing it on that and see if the image is the same.

  20. This is the quintessential color combo for the Zune 30, IMO. The double-shot color finish is still unique among electronic devices. If Microsoft were to produce a Surface laptop with this finish, I'd buy day-1.

  21. Along the same lines.... shaky-cam effect is my pet peeve. I owned one of the first consumer-grade videocameras back-in-the-day. They had zero image stabilization and videos I took with that camera seem like a steadycam compared to the headache-inducing shaky-cam.

  22. These are what I consider true classic ThinkPads. keep one on XP and install OS/2 on the other.

  23. some of yall don't believe me that its windows 10 here some proof

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