1. Definitely trying this on Friday I’m so glad I found this Reddit page

  2. And remember, there are no rules, you can custom blend anyway you like.

  3. 100% agree. My best smokes are blends. I recently mixed 50/50 Ten Pointer menthol and ArrowHead red and made a badass strong menthol.

  4. France has plain packaging so its either from another country or black market.

  5. I like them imperfect too, as you mentioned the first light and draw makes a really strong draw with lots of smokes. These are Shargio red tubes with Cheyenne red tobacco. I had to take the 20mm Shargios out for this tobacco, the short filters didn't filter out the weird mid bag aftertaste.

  6. Tap the cigarette on the table once or twice and push once the tobacco inside, cut the excess with scissors. I always keep a scissors on the table when I make smokes.

  7. No. Only Natives, CNT and American Spirits as far as I know. I guess it depends what you mean by additives.

  8. Cool thanks, would you expect to be able to find one of those brands at any average corner store?

  9. Native no, only available on the reserve. CNT yes, in most stores. American Spirits in some specialized stores.

  10. Cigarettes don't go bad. They do dry up. A pack that's opened will start being dryer after 4-5 days, still smokeable but will burn faster. Packages go stale after a year or more from production date, they loose taste then.

  11. Thanks, Does it help keepin them inside those metalic cases?

  12. Cases don't keep em fresh. Once they are unsealed they dry up. An air tight plastic case could do the trick, at least for a few more days.

  13. Are you in India? Progressive Brands company in India makes a brand called Police.

  14. Loving it…really wish this community/ RYO word of mouth was bigger, lower income communities are significantly affected by the government’s war on tobacco. Similarly (thanks to the government) those poor bastards in CA can’t even buy menthol. We know the health concerns…if you’re gonna make the decision to smoke, you should be able to enjoy it! (enjoyed a pack of cloves last week)

  15. The choices are endless with tobacco and tube combos. What are you smoking now?

  16. Just what’s pictured: the 4 Aces and Ohm Menthol. I’ll finish them up first, and then I have several options: Ohm Menthol Gold, Ten Pointer, Arrowhead, High Card. I also have a few cases of Zen Menthol tubes. I only tried one Zen to see what it tasted like. I do like it more than 4Aces, but don’t think it’s worth 2x as much. (oh yeah, a small bag of Gambler menthol I tried first when I just rolled a few with joint papers, but i’ll probably toss that lol). What are some of the best tubes? I want to try “light” tubes next.

  17. You're pretty much good to go. Airing out is good not to jam your injector, and then airing out smokes is a personal taste thing. You're already a pro, all you have left is the fun part which is trying different ones and mix and matching tobacco with tubes.

  18. Nahhhhh, well the ones i have here in trinidad are fine atleast.

  19. That's interesting. I just learned that DuMaurier trademarks it's brand to T&T.

  20. If you're ever in Canada you can find them anywhere but brace yourself, they're one of the most expensive brand along with Belmont. Depending on the Province 17-25$cad/pack.

  21. If I may ask, why?...In my case, since they're lights, obviously the buzz is essentially unpresent, and makes smoking boring.

  22. Mostly because of the perforations on the cigarettes, let's in way too much air and can't get a decent draw. I find myself sucking on the cigarette like my life depends on it to get my smoke and nicotine, very underwhelming.

  23. Gotcha, can't help you then, never set foot in India and have no idea how it works there. I'm sure you have smoke shops, that sell cigarettes, they also sell rolling tobacco.

  24. Will try to find .. thanks. Where do you live btw?

  25. Cigarettes are designed to create addiction, welcome to the club.

  26. Try some and you'll find one you like. Most cigarettes don't taste good when you start, it takes some getting used to.

  27. Change brands or wait until you're fully recovered. Usually when sick everything tastes off. Could be smoking your brand while sick ruined your love for that brand, switching should do the trick.

  28. If you need some thrill, try the ryo/myo game. testing tobaccos and papers/filter tubes is plenty of fun and once you find your perfect match could actually save you some money.

  29. Never heard of Lights but they are Native cigarettes, they can be purchased on Native reserves.

  30. Pointless if it's tobacco free. The majority of smokers smoke to get their nicotine fix. As far as real Djarums, they're widely available in Canada on Native reserves and fairly cheap. If you live in Toronto, you can take a short drive to Native reserve #40 or #41 and buy as many as you want.

  31. After awhile of smoking all you do is smoke to keep the cravings at bay, still enjoyable but not the same as in the beginning. You could smoke filterless or stronger cigarettes and rotate to keep your tolerance guessing.

  32. I doubt a few months will cause constant mucus, you may be sensitive or have a cold. I've been smoking going on 30 years and I have mucus in the morning from post nasal drip during the night that's about it.

  33. They've been posted here a few times but not reviewed yet. Let us know how they are.

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