1. It honestly sounds like RCCL, or cruising in general, may not be for you. There are more free food options on Oasis class ships than any other RCCL ships.

  2. Guac.... I missed you (we've spoken before on RCCL thread) . But I dunno. I did enjoy our cruise. And honestly the unlimited dining package would definitely be worth it, because the ships have everything we liked to do. I'm excited for Icon, and there's tons of free food choices, but I don't wanna wait a year. I'm looking at oasis this fall from NYC. I feel I spoiled myself with wonder. And honestly, the unlimited dining package is probably going to be purchased. We don't do alcohol, so we don't get that. But we love some really good food. And on WofS specialty dining was always booked up, to even just try one. Have you been on Oasis of the sea?

  3. Sounds like you want to step up from mass market to a premium line like Celebrity or DCL. Where there's no smoking in the casino and in the case of DCL no casino. Mass market line prices (before the world ended) really haven't gone up significantly compared to the increased offerings.

  4. I definitely don't want DCL. Nope to many young kids, celebrity's cruise line not enough kid activities. My guess is carnival. But than the drama on those ships. And stupidity drunk people. 🥴

  5. I don't like the part where we are expected to watch your kids on our vacation while you actually vacation.

  6. I don't like the part when I have to kick tge sloppy drunks who think a "drink package" is an excuse to be irresponsible and stumble around carelessly. I hate those people than the teens having the time if their lufes on a family vacation. Want an adult feel, go on virgin or celebrity.

  7. Thanks for the review... we did Oasis a few months ago, and again this October...thinking of trying a smaller one for the next time, so appreciate the input. But just a side note, as respectful as it was for you to avoid the MDR, I can assure you more than half of the people in there were wearing shorts and casual clothing and you would have been more than fine!

  8. What do you think of oasis? We sailed wonder of the sea, and now I'm afraid I'll be disappointed.

  9. My wife and I did it on the Wonder last month, and loved every second of it. They took us to the Galley, Provisions, Laundry, Engine Control Room, backstage at the theater, and most importantly The Bridge. I absolutely LOVE getting a glimpse of how cruise ship operates behind the scenes.

  10. Did you get to do the captain Q & A. I it's on Saturday. I went, and he's a funny little fellow 😄

  11. Cold plasma is the shizz; congrats for the score! Unfortunately I’m a longtime customer of theirs lmao. Their skincare products are amazing.

  12. I took my 5 year old with me. She loved the kids club, stay on the ship while we explored ports. It's like free daycare so you can enjoy yourself. She's looking forward to our next cruise.

  13. Does anyone get physical when they split?

  14. I can, if someone keeps triggering me on purpose, knowing exactly what will happen, than I Flip out and to be the crazy one. When they do this I will attack them. My husband does this to me, after I tell him to stop. He'll keep going. And keep going. It's gonna so bad I've attempted suicide while he's yelling at me.

  15. A couple of drinks were shared out of charity, but my wife and I being 6’2 and 6’5 we have pretty good tolerance. Also helps that I’m an Army guy. Alcohol tolerance is in my blood

  16. I’m 6’5, not sure I could handle a girl taller than me haha

  17. I bet you she's beautiful. I had a good friend that height, and I was finally not the tallest (5'8) girl in school.

  18. 2 grams has lasted me weeks…I think I’d be okay for the year, at least 😅

  19. Well there’s no signage on it on the ships and the bartenders don’t mind. Not everyone googles every activity in depth before they see it onboard. Every ship I’ve been on with them (Harmony, Symphony, Wonder, Oasis) have had kids on them, and I was never bothered by them even when I was childless. If the kids are supervised and not being obnoxious and they aren’t preventing other people from getting on, who cares? Maybe people should take the sticks out of their asses and enjoy their drink package a little more. I would much rather bump into kids on the Rising Tide than screaming in the solarium.

  20. They are not. It’s 21+ for entry (at least on sailings departing North America). Unfortunately, the staff is often hesitant to confront guests who are breaking rules, so I understand why the bartender is not saying anything.

  21. I guess my 5 year old on WOS looked 21, than. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  22. My February icon box still looks this way. And never got the replacement they sent, either.

  23. Omg I'm so sorry, what has Ipsy said about it? You should have been refunded ages ago for that!

  24. I did get refunded, but it was my 1st glambag X, and they ruined it for me.

  25. I find little addictions that aren't harmful. Currently its cross stitch which keeps me busy. Otherwise, when things are at their worst I just have to sit in those feelings.

  26. Chasing that sleep is how I became addicted to benzodiazepines

  27. I have a strict no substances to help me sleep rule. I'll only allow stuff like sleepy time teas and if I don't end up sleeping I read.

  28. Unfortunately I can't do the guided meditation. My life is a complete shit show, I need sleep no matter how. I have a daughter who has BPD as well and is completely outta control, and my husband who's 38, is in end stage renal failure. Me getting through the day without going into a complete mental breakdown, is a miracle.

  29. Not a cover-up, but peptides in an eye cream. Will brighten and pump that area. Always focus a lot of hydration in that area. After my skincare at night, if I wake up in the middle of the night, I will put more cream to my undee eye area.

  30. Royal has rooms that fit up to 5 and 6 on the icon class ships coming out. I just told my kids I was waiting for 1 of them to F up, so I didn't have to take them. (The 2 oldest are teens) sure enough one of them got a smart mouth, and I saved over $2,000 on that trip. 1 less kid meant 1 whole less room.

  31. Royal has some rooms that fit a family of 5. JR suites I think fit 5 and aren't crazy expensive. We've also stayed in a Extra Spacious Ocen View and that was more than enough for our family of 5. A good TA should be able to help you find these rooms. Sometimes the categories aren't so obvious, and not always plentiful so the can sell quickly.

  32. Jealous, I wanna cruise the icon in the 1st sailing! Enjoy, tho. Everyone deserves happiness 😊

  33. I let my well behaved (i have really bad behavior teen as well) 12 years old til 1 with his ship friends. What are they gonna do, eat all the pizza? Of course my whole family was out til 1. Even the 5 year old, who'd get picked up from ocean adventure.

  34. My ocean view balcony on 11th floor Wonder was so quiet, a couple times I woke up and had to check outside to make sure we were still sailing underway. It was almost TOO quiet, I like the little creaking noises most ships make.

  35. I was on floor 14 cp view. It was very loud during the day.

  36. We had a boardwalk balcony on Wonder of the Seas and thought it was pretty good. We had a great view of the aqua theater and could see the ocean off the back of the ship.

  37. Uh, soda is like 11 cents a gallon. I think they’ll be ok.

  38. Honestly they'd lose money if we do nothing but juices. It really doesn't make sense why they don't include soda. It's cheaper.

  39. Will the bars fill a hydroflax with soda if you have the package or do you have to order one glass at a time and pour it into your hydroflax?

  40. I used the freestyle machine with the cup they provided at the Windjammer or the taco place, than poured it into my cup.

  41. The jogging track has some amazing views of the ocean, and has lounge chairs at the back of the ship, best nap I’ve had in a long time.

  42. The last big noreaster the northeast, we were just below it coming back to Port Canaveral, and even the crew was sick. Aqua show canceled like 4 times. We never got to see it. 💔

  43. Can you explain this a little more? What is your peritoneal dialysis schedule like?

  44. Well depending on if I use a machine. It's only at night. If I hang my bag 3 times, a day. 45 mins each time.

  45. This whole thread is 🥵🥵🤤🤤 How do I go from being unicorn to cake?😍

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