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  1. easy u can save the tenryuubito and make him a burrito afterwards

  2. Bruh I thought it was over for him after that. A week later he drops 50 in the finals lol

  3. literally same he is just build different

  4. Glitch είναι, θα το κάνουν patch στο επόμενο update

  5. damn the shoe looks like it has taken some time to develop

  6. Μπορεί να ακούει φανατικά Ελληνοφρένεια.

  7. ΧΑΧΑ και εγω αυτο σκεφτηκα

  8. He doesn't give a fuck he gets 50mil in the end of the season bruh

  9. Right. I used to call Wilt the GOAT, and ai did all kinds of research on him. There is only one game where you could reasonably think he got a quintuple.

  10. Other than Wilt who else has Quintuple?

  11. did u go to a Gastroenterologist? also i would say that most gas is bacteria eating food producing that gas if it smells bad is probably some kind of fiber (beans etc) meat usually does not smell bad at least for me u can also try to fast for some time of the day maybe that will make your belly not bloated over the course of some time

  12. Nah. That just means we’re all losing. That’s pretty much always the case. Millions must suffer for the ego of a few dozen men.

  13. Ολα τα πιατσα καλαμακι στην Αθηνα εχουν το ιδιο ατομο σαν αφεντικο?

  14. She can make a person so depressed they can't fight, and as far as we know, there's no limit on who she can do it to. Usopp was immune because of a specific personality quirk. Maybe someone like Kaido who's already depressed would be immune, but she mostly just negates anyone, no matter how strong.

  15. it probably wont work if u have strong enough haki tho

  16. Αν δεν εχεις σκοπο να βαλεις καρτα μην τα αφησεις να ληξουν. Στειλε sms τη λεξη “χαμογελο» στο 19810. Ειναι για να δωρισεις 2.48€ στο χαμογελο του παιδιου. Εγω αυτο κανω για να μην τα παιρνει η κοσμοτε

  17. I wanna see this pork try do that shit to someone with his size that knows jujitsu or judo see who hand gonna deliver motherfucker

  18. αυτο πως ειναι νομιμο?

  19. Σε internet cafe που πηγαίναμε για DotA με τις ώρες, όταν φεύγαμε για πλάκα χτυπούσαμε τα μπουφάν και έβγαιναν σύννεφα καπνού.

  20. what is this cringe shit man 90s where weird

  21. Ε, θα πείτε τι πιο σύνηθες να συμβεί.

  22. wtf is an orange piccolo what did i miss also black freeza?

  23. I guess Admirals are a joke at this point

  24. First overestimating admirals and then underestimating them? Is this some kind of fashion?

  25. Tbh it makes 0 sense that he goes to get Luffy but he gets scared of Shanks Haki who hes miles away while he knows that Luffy and Co beat both Big Mom and Kaido. I guess Green Bull IQ is same as the plants he transforms to.

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