I was trying to kill myself so I could restart the mission lmao

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  1. Not a fan of the retros, but I’m glad it’s against the Leafs because of the beautiful color contrast.

  2. Surprised nobody has mentioned Detroit.

  3. Wings and Avs neck and neck. Love to see it

  4. So, what is everyone drinking this game? I might run out real quick and grab some beer to finish out the 3rd. Need some ideas

  5. Someone tell me who to pick for light the lamp. I'm finishing up dinner for 12 people right now, have to run it into town (about 20 miles) through ugly conditions, feed people, and hope to be back before puck drop.

  6. Attaboy (or girl, whatever). You got me the big points for 4 goals! Thanks.

  7. It’s been disheartening watching the game threads unravel when things just aren’t going our way. We're all entitled to our opinions but some of the takes on here are just so irrational and disconnected from reality. I'm not a superstitious person, but I haven’t changed my clothes or showered since the 8-2 loss to the Rangers on November 10th. After reviewing an extensive amount of footage it has become obvious to me that Jeff Blashill chews gum in morse code to communicate with his wife through the TV so she can cast black magic curses on opposing players in real time. I am convinced that Jeff Blashill’s wife practiced black magic and placed a hex on our team after Steve parted ways with Jeff in the offseason. For today’s game I went on Craigslist and hired a local authentic (and reputable) coven-based witch who specializes in reversing various hexes and spells. Tonight, I strongly recommend that everyone create hair dolls of opposing Sharks players, soak them in water and then place them in the freezer for the duration of the game.

  8. It's fun to bully and antagonize Kieran before "Paying a Social Call". Arthur gets to feel like a real a-hole when he saves his life.

  9. I didn't know you could talk to him while he was tied to the tree

  10. Yep, I think I have all of the captive Kieran interactions available in this playlist, except for one that I know of, a drunk antagonize where Arthur accuses him of stinking and shitting his pants. Some of them are where the women interact with him, Sadie, Karen/Mary-Beth, Tilly. Two are from Chapter 1, only available if "Old Friends" is played as the 3rd mission, and the rest are only available until Sean's Homecoming party is over:

  11. too quiet... perfect time for a surprise Larkin 8 year extension

  12. What AAV do you think he'll sign at?

  13. I’m a big big progressive, had a parent pescatarian, and I will never ever ever give up meat. I actually would rather you use your energy & anger for something important that helps people, not limit their food choices, because of some overly-sensitive sense that you could maybe make a difference here as you’ve given up on trying to improve the lives of human beings you could look in the eyes and have a conversation with. The state of nature is a constantly terrifying fight for survival: to eat or be eaten. I’d rather grow up in a farm then live in a cave, even if my life-time is cut short & I end up as food. Also, you have never known true hunger and if you think you have, you haven’t because you waste your limited time on this earth involved in this. Go help some kids escape poverty & hunger. After every last child is comfortable, I’d celebrate with a Steak for having actually accomplished something that matters. I’ll end it here but I got an answer for every point of response in outrage. I could be absolutely wrong and STILL know that your struggle is ultimately Sisyphean and an absolute waste of time. Go help people.

  14. The problem is that factory farming increases the levels of methane and nitrous oxide in the air, leading to climate change. You don’t understand the real problem and it’s evident by your comment.

  15. factory farming is a much cleaner endeavour (in terms of emissions) than free range animals unfortunately.

  16. Yeah, I agree. Moderation is everything

  17. Is there any updates on Light the Lamp standings?

  18. 10:30pm on a Saturday what the hell

  19. I'm just glad its only a handful of times in a season, unlike a few years ago when we were in the Western Conference

  20. Something off about this. Really isn’t any recoil when it fires.

  21. Need to start changing around d pairs. See if anything else will click. Clearly Chiarot and MO isn't clicking right now. Mo needs to get going.

  22. Hronek and Maata are a good pairing though

  23. How the hell is Detroit 7-3-3

  24. shhhhh... I don't know either. Just let it be.

  25. Wouldn’t be surprised if they want some extra guys to come along on the road trip to be safe

  26. With our luck, we might as well bring the whole Griffins roster with us

  27. Only that dude ( Bartolomé de las Casas) told those stories. There are like other hundred dudes telling that guy was lying a lot. These stories were used to dismantle the Spanish kingdom later, with great success. It was one of the most developed kingdoms in its time, with great social and economic developments that we envy today we could had. Such a great structure was a problem on the path of breaking the invincible enemy that Spain was for every other pirate out there which wanted what they had.

  28. The laws of Cadiz (around 1802 AC), i.e., contained a three damn paid years of maternity leave for "slaves" who gave birth. Also America wasn't colonized by Spaniards, they made provinces there, a very different thing than the british colonies. Where a spaniard went there was created a Town Council to manage justice, resources, and social order on the place, and a church that made as orphanage, hospital, school and social helping stuff. Where a british went, a slave trading center was created, and a militar fortress to store local resources that were sent out later. THAT was a colony. And it was that way with a lot of stuff regard the spanish system. The war of propaganda was always a weak point of Spaniards, so no wonder anyone do not know all this stuff that is plainly open told in books. The issue is that the common people will never go read a damn book seriously and will eat as a child what governments gives through schools and later believe that is true as an adult. Happened many times with Spain history.

  29. I’ll have to look more into that, thanks

  30. Correct me if I’m wrong, but our winning streak started the day they celebrated the ‘97 cup team. You gotta think that seeing the Cup in person has motivated this team

  31. Just think with the addition of Sunny, Wall and Fabs later in the season as well

  32. The wings aren’t anywhere near the 2010 team. So let’s pump the brakes and see if we can even make the playoffs before celebrating.

  33. Might be an unpopular opinion, but even making the playoffs would be over achieving considering the division we’re in.

  34. I've noticed that after scoring goals, the boys get hype af

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