1. yeah my place of work has two separate pest control companies we deal w and both didnt even discuss pricing or anything w us until they did an inspection (which was free) to see what the problem was, so her making it sound like because one person half a block away has a pest problem we definitely do as well ... red flag

  2. Hopefully neither of them are Poulins, as their provincial manager is very bullheaded in the manner of doing a MANs jobs and 80’s oilfield mentality when it comes to dealing with people

  3. LOL funny you mention poulins bc they do unfortunately do work for my company AND i also dislike them.

  4. Yes the fella in the office is a good person, the Tech. Pat is convoy supporting redneck trash along with his Provincial manager Kevin Guy

  5. Whereabouts in Canada? It’s the same price here in Alberta per KG

  6. Save On Foods had a crazy brisket sale this week. I got 2x briskets for $45 each. Only about 12 pounders but still

  7. It could very well be the last of the sale from the previous week when it was $11 a kilogram. The every day price at Costco is 11.99 a kilogram

  8. Forget the elitists and snobs. You know what looks and tastes good. That is what being a guest judge is all about.

  9. That’s funny you calling people here elitist yet you call yourself the tri-tip master….bit of a hypocrite wouldn’t ya say?

  10. Never chewy. Very tender but still holds on to the bone. You should be able to pick them up and the meat should stay on the bone if you shake it. That’s perfect!

  11. Google review has many great reviews and suggestions

  12. Lethbridge is seriously lacking places supporting happy hour deals on food and drinks.

  13. Coulee brew had their last day a week ago, the restaurant is separated and now moving to the montanas location, will be about 4 months till opening.

  14. They look fantastic, from the curvature of the rib I am going to assume plate?

  15. Anti vaxxers are on their way to eat them to prove it's fake news.

  16. With only 1 plane leaving, and it’s yours, and no more then a whopping 20 people to check through security, 1 hour and your good!!

  17. Are you aware that the education system here in Alberta is trash because of the premier running the province. Your child is going to go from a school where teachers are paid well and respected to a place where teachers just try and get through the day.

  18. Retired teacher here. I know that there are issues with the current government, but to say this about all teachers is just not true. The vast majority of teachers care deeply about the kids, and do their utmost to make school a positive place.

  19. I’m not saying it’s the teachers that are bad, it’s their budget and supplies that are lacking, because of the government

  20. Can’t seem to send you a direct message, would like to keep you in the loop if this event comes to fruition

  21. Meat inspections will be done, preventing this from happening. We will be shadowing the KCBS standards and rules for this competition

  22. For all those that are interested, we will be in touch with you in the coming week or so to let you know if this event is going to go through.

  23. I had some books I donated to one of the community book exchanges. The one in my area is 2 microwaves on posts, kind of a take one/leave one thing.

  24. Already planning a trip in January, going to judge some KCBS in AZ and in CA 6 days later!

  25. We use a simple coffee grinder for our coriander, fennel and caraway

  26. If she's still in milk she won't be chipped. They chip em when they spay em.

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