1. If we already have this level of cryo application why can’t we have a catalyst?!

  2. Her greyscale “activates” again and starts spreading in the Night Fort. (This is already hinted by Val, idk how most people still don’t see it coming.) She has to be locked until Stannis comes back and then he has to make the hard decision as there is no cure.

  3. Are there any confirmation of this happening in episode 10? I was expecting it to be next season.

  4. Indeed, still more useful than Mellos I would say.

  5. I think it is mostly of Helaena and Daeron being good on the green side, while the rest are mostly not.

  6. Tywin, Robert, Randyl Tarly, Balon Greyjoy enter the chat. Craster enters with a VIP pass.

  7. Plus Aegon, Heleana and Daeron who he doesnt give a fuck about

  8. They all should have married and make peace long ago.

  9. Alicent wants none to do with Rhaenyra

  10. We know…that is why I said “should have” and “long ago”. At this point there no coming back, all holding the conflict is Viserys and well…

  11. This is getting out of hands guys jeeezz. I am sure Laenor will show up in Mereen 200 years later and tell Dany “oh btw the marriage of Rhaenyra and Daemon is annulled because I am still alive, you are all bastards. The high septon annulled it.” Nobody cares, the bloodline, the family name and the crown are all passed down regardless at what time Laenor died.

  12. I wish this character had a little more depths. Like idk running a slave trade or practising some inhuman experiments.

  13. Is better to always leave some mystery for this type of characters. And in a way he does, he has tongueless people working for him and his human experiments are mostly mental lol.

  14. Most of it, and we should be thankful for it. The real story is about to unfold.

  15. “I will be chilling in Oldtown until you somehow manage to kill the next hand and convince the king to have me back, remember to wear some green. Bye bye.”

  16. Wait, yeah, what are they going to do about Seasmoke? Dragons can now bond while their riders are alive?

  17. There will be at least 10 years between Laenor leaving and Seasmoke being tamed by someone else. Either Laenor dies on his own in Essos or Seasmoke moves on.

  18. It will be over 10 years in between Laenor leaving and Addam claiming Seasmoke. People need to relax jeez.

  19. Maybe Rhaenyra takes her to a secret meeting with Laenor on season two, to convince her to help them in the war.

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