1. Wishful thinking. My FWB at age 51 can orgasm 5 times easily in one go. From the aftermath she is defin not lacking in oxytocin.

  2. And then he has to go back and pick up another package. Up all those stairs carrying his bike.

  3. If you are a man, the downsides outweigh the upsides. Who wants to take a 50/50 chance on losing half your income for the rest of your life when the marriage goes bad.

  4. People are going to keep waving the flag as the ship of capitalism sinks into the ocean. To try to help curb homelessness or the rapaciousness of Big Business will be labeled "socialism" and thus evil. Fascism is only going to get worse as poverty spreads.

  5. the end game here is to force homeschooling. This will effectively remove loads of women from the workforce for many, many years and completely change the fabric of the family and the entire state economy in one fell swoop… placing all power in the hands of men. Add in Abortion and contraception laws and this is DeathSentence’s Handmaid’s Tale origin story.

  6. Except you can't raise a family, buy a home or anything without dual incomes.

  7. Well, yes. Not a single politician can remember, or has lived through, what the average american goes through on a daily basis.

  8. Must be a politician that wrote this, trying to deflect blame.

  9. Humanity is no smarter than we were 5000 years ago and making up shit about some sky spirit because they can't understand what a meteor is.

  10. I wonder if the women in red states voting actually want the Handmaids Tale to become reality?

  11. This is what happens when you forget to take your meds.

  12. Doesn't the US subsidize most of Israels defense?

  13. Guy is a military genius. Only thing that kept him from making 4 star general are those dang bone spurs. John McCain aint got nothing on him.

  14. There is two things you can do to alleviate the housing crisis, one easy and one hard.

  15. If they impose rent caps, corporations will back off buying real estate for rental because they’ve gutted the profit margin from it.

  16. Price controls are a bridge too far in my opinion. Only a few places with high pop density can seriously put this forward.

  17. Maybe we should place them at the capital the next time fascists hold a rally and storm congress.

  18. For real, sounds like the Newsweek article is clickbait.

  19. Get back in the kitchen and cook me dinner. And only speak when spoken too.

  20. As a fairly open minded guy, I'm getting kinda tired of characters changing races from the source to the new series.

  21. 6'3" here. Your back will thank you when you get older for not being taller.

  22. No one would dare have those eyebrows now-a-days.

  23. Totally subsidize children - Food, clothes, medical, baby-sitting. If you aren't willing to do that you are going to slide into the abyss.

  24. Wait about 2 years when they piss in your coffee and rub their ass on your face when you are asleep.

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