1. Had 1 cart got stuck first day. Threading broke off.

  2. Idk why a lot of Michigan brands sell delta 8 as delta 9, but mac oils normally has fire carts?

  3. They are def fire but out of the 5 the sour patch and apple fritter was clear oil

  4. I know this old but I got a sour patch and it definitely looked like the rest of them. Something up w these

  5. how was it compared to plats?

  6. As for as the distillate goes I would say Mac Oils seem to be more potent to me but that depends on the batch I guess. Flavor Mac wins. The glass BBtank give a nice pull. Platinums are not that great but at least you know what's in them. Mac Oils however I have used many and still say far as distillate its better then the dispo crap for half the price.

  7. Facts, j waiting for michigan to get a budget brand like Big Chief

  8. Looked up on Gage in MI on weedmaps they carry half gram live resin carts of gary payton

  9. I just smoked me a purple chill zag with about 3g in it lmao. But to your question ive never seen any in that size usually they are brittle as well best is zags for King size joints I use hemp paper

  10. Does your xros spit too when you dont use the fire button lol

  11. They work simply because they have the same ingriedents as viagra and cialis. There's real ones and ones that are nothing but honey in a nice package.

  12. A little too sus bro 28 sounds to good to be true

  13. These literally go for $35 everywhere i see them or 5 for

  14. They are usually 5 for 100 35 each where i see em

  15. Ive seen these from a delivery service. Pretty expensive at $45 a piece

  16. I purchased this and also have this problem. Especially on the .8 coils with freebase juice. The 1.2 spits back less when you use the fire button. Ive had it caliburn g here I come

  17. My Gfuel order did the same thing! New York to Jacksonville, FL. The USPS must have jacked up a bunch of Michigan packages the other day

  18. Lol was waitin for some to notice. I hit send too fast.

  19. Ive had the delta 9 syrups but I doubt they were the 200mg claimed. I was just thinking about d8 syrup.

  20. Why wouldn’t you state the name? They’re selling black market and unlicensed trash. Flavors? Plan B?

  21. I do. I never have been to this dispo I just follow alot for deals. I post on here to inform me and others. The only cart I actually used is mac oils. I see no point in posting a legit cart on here.

  22. Midwest area? These are fire carts since I had the original one I still get these ones. But to answer your question no one knows.

  23. Because your shit laced with something carts are never that cheap unless it’s mixed with sum bs additive

  24. I'm loving them so far. I paid $50 for 2 of them. I notice I feel alert more

  25. I'm late but did you end up trying jade house carts?

  26. No I asked the bartender if they were any good and she said they are ok. They dropped the price I might grab 1 but literally cant find 1 review

  27. Exactly! That's how I ended up on your post lmao, looking for a review 😂

  28. There decent man def worth it if you can get them for decent price I got the zkittles. It does have a slight diff feeling.

  29. Keep looking at this sub for same answers. I am in a legal state with a medical card. I would like to know the pros.

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