1. I can't fathom the rage and hate a person has to feel to shoot at young children, just going about their day. Like you said every shooting is a tragedy, but young children is a class of evil unto itself.

  2. Age limits haven’t been relevant since the internet was released to the public.

  3. TurboTax and QuickBooks lobby the US government to keep it confusing so you need to purchase their products.

  4. Um, aktchually, sweaty, they bribe the us government. Please stop using anti American language. Its bribery, not lobbying. Our lawmakers are scumbags

  5. My Kia loyalty all of the sudden doesn't feel so hot

  6. You wanna watch me hotwire it in 5 seconds/s

  7. Which is why any deer that is shot for consumption has to be tested for CWD before consumption. If positive all meat harvested from the deer must be turned over to the local game wardens and the location where the deer was gutted to be provided to them as well.

  8. If the deer had CWD, what do they do with the body, as no one would want to eat it, right?

  9. There's a young woman, who makes 50.000 USD a month by making and selling slime.

  10. No no. This is European way to say 50,000 USD per month. That's 600k a year producing slime!

  11. Holy shit based. Desantis got caught lackin

  12. I want the rifle that front black dress woman has. I want an under barrel grenade launcher

  13. Um, aktchually, Its the NSA, not the CIA

  14. fed posts worst bait ever. Ima have to ask you to leave the federal bureau of investigation

  15. Don’t you know one of the basic rules of the internet? Its don’t feed the trolls. This fucker wants attention. Don’t give it to him. Let this fucker fade in obscurity.

  16. Don't let them take your rights to guns away guys, I'm from the UK so I am sensitive to this matter!


  18. Are we not going to talk about the fact that the fence is there to prevent people from watching the game without buying a ticket?

  19. That is why justice would be making the fence 2x as high

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