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  1. Wait. There was an article about this? Meaning this actually happened?

  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1247338/Terrorists-plan-attack-Britain-bombs-INSIDE-bodies-foil-new-airport-scanners.html

  3. Hey, i saw your art of the other two bosses and i have to say, great work!

  4. By clicking Agree, you are also acknowledging that Apple may sew your mouth to the butthole of another iTunes user. Apple and its subsidiaries may also, if necessary, sew yet another person's mouth onto your butthole, making you a being that shares one gastral tract.

  5. i aint any expert but what i've heard is, - erectile dysfunction and unrealistic expectations of what sex is like.

  6. if i'm not mistaken it is a french cartoon and we saw it a lot but only in france i guess

  7. Its really popular here in India as far as i know, i watched that constantly

  8. Just dont make it too obvious. The callsign gets assigned because of stupid or iconic shit you do, and if you try and force it that will not be your sign.

  9. Damnit ive always thought snakes were cute, i wanted one as a pet

  10. Now, alot of people would try to commit sucide, but the backrooms kinda prevents them to, due to their soul being stuck there, it is quite literally impossible, your best bet is to find advance through the levels of the backrooms, you might find safe levels where you can just settle there for the rest of eternity,(i.e kitty level) but with some luck, you can probably find a level that does have an exit(i.e mall level), though out of quadrilions of levels, it would take a really long time, you wont die of old age though, you literally have an eternity to find the exit

  11. I dont know about the soul being stuck there and the cant die of old age things, but level 11 is probably everyone's best bet

  12. There could be other wanderers, but the level is infinite so there is no chance you could meet one

  13. how do i do those quick turns with a hotas flightstick

  14. They are called post stall manuvers, i dont know about HOTAS but on console and keyboard you need to accelerate and decelerate at the same time while going ~450 km/h. Only wors on some planes like the F-18, F-35 and F-22

  15. The FB-22 strike raptor. Fictional aircraft, but thats obvious

  16. We should just go directly to F-22s, F-35s, Su-57s, and J-20s. Fuck it, just throw in drones. Idk it doesnt matter now.

  17. Thank you for teaching me about this amazing craft's existence

  18. The game jam version was free, the full game was released afterwards and costs money iirc

  19. Is it unpopular to say that canards look fuking ugly.

  20. Reminder that if you have a tea set in your AFV you are the target

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