1. Regardless of the cause of the high prices at the pump, this is what the Carbon Tax was supposed to do. This is the catalyst for change that the government(s) were looking for.

  2. This is why the bolts that attach the hydrant (yellow) to the pipe (black) are designed to break away in the case of a car collision. It's tremendously easier to replace the hydrant compared to replacing 15 feet of buried pipe.

  3. Fun fact, the valve is actually located at the bottom of the stand pipe. It's intended to get below the frost line and prevent freezing in the winter months. As mentioned, the hydrant can be sheared off, but the result is not like in the movies. The hydrant is only the valve actuator. When it shears off, the valve "should" stay closed. This prevents a water fountain. This is not always the case though, as the impact can cause the valve to be unseated and pass (leak). Make it ideot proof, and they'll just build a bigger ideot type of thing.

  4. Interesting perspective into what the owl hears. I didn't understand a word of what she said. It sounded kind though. So good birdie.

  5. I grew up Christian and have very fervently Christian friends and family back home.

  6. Can anyone think of something that is as symbolically important for a guy to give a girl it doesn't have to be a bracelet but I can't think of something that caries the same weight

  7. I wonder if they combined the money spent on temp workers, with losses due to the dispute, and compared that to the workers demands, would it be worth risking a lockout?

  8. It's killing a baby for personal convenience

  9. Glad that you pointed out, that the main reason of abortion is to make sure that the child is dead and not ''bodily autonomy''

  10. The main reason for assult rifles in a school are to make sure that children die. But you don't see many "pro-lifers" working on the mentally ill accessing firearms bit, now do we?

  11. Agreed. Throe some fish in the microwave and you'll never know anyone made popcorn.

  12. I know you're being light hearted, but honestly, international marriage is not a bad option for Americans wanting to flee. And there is going to be a lot of fleeing as refugees soon. Edit: I'm in an international/interracial marriage, we have made the decision to leave before these lunatics take control over all 3 branches and start banning immigration.

  13. Wait, I think someone wrote a book about this. Its been followed up by a movie and TV show. The name escapes me at the moment.

  14. Wait, I think someone wrote a book about this. Its been followed up by a movie and TV show. The name escapes me at the moment.

  15. Russia was always going to use energy as a weapon. All countries who decided to make themselves dependent on Russian energy are learning the hard way. I hope this time, the lesson is learned. You can only be friends with Russia if you never seek to oppose her on anything.

  16. This is also why Russia backed Assad in Syria. Assad was blocking a pipeline from Saudi Arabia to Europe that would have brought an alternate natural gas supply.

  17. I could imagine Bran or his children becoming evil, and Jon having to deal with that. Or a Skagos/Wildling villain would be interesting too.

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