1. I just had one of these ! Very thick seem to last longer, burn slower or something. Had a few Blackjack like this too. Not all of them but more than a few the oil just looks different. Can usually tell right away. Not sure they r supposed to be like that but I think they last longer. Sum almost looked crystalized! I always put em n building window for few. Good ol sunshine will get every last drop melted down

  2. Frakas Fram blueberry cheesecake? Man that stuff has you completely twisted lmao must be some gas.

  3. Starter kit comes with one pod and a GO battery. Some people use the packaging as a battery holder as well. I like the GO battery because it’s got more of a rubber grip than the shiny luster batteries most places sell.

  4. Lol it works awesome as a holder, I got a couple last year and still use them.

  5. This one is my favorite, the flavor is so good and it really chills me out and makes me able to eat good!

  6. The bud smells like wet hay and it’s dry as dust, other than that it looks fantastic

  7. Have you even smelled this stuff? You must have some delicious wet hay in your parts.

  8. I’ve tried farkas over the past year many times, I’ve had problem child, wonka bars, blueberry cupcake, pb breath, and rainbow reserve. Every single 10th I got was not cured properly, had a hay smell which is caused by the chlorophyll in the bud not gassing off properly in the curing process so it’s trapped in the bag and gets reabsorbed into the bud, destroying terpenes. It’s also dry as a bone each time.

  9. I use a pocket knife case on my belt lol it’s a nice leather one.

  10. Cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, you have to stop smoking and take a break or you’ll just keep getting sicker. Hot showers are the only temporary relief from this syndrome. Sorry.

  11. Wtf are you talking about?! Lmao prodromal phase is the time before the onset of effects from a mental illness with no symptoms, OP is telling his symptoms…

  12. Catfish from klutch gives me some insane munching capabilities, most of Woodward flower has me raiding the kitchen at odd hours of the night as well.

  13. Thanks, please do as I had mixed feelings when I tried it last year as far as desired medicating effects go. It was potent, just didn't help me anxiety or depression much that I could tell. But I was in a weird state of mind that month so might try it again. Great pics, happy toking!

  14. SBD gives me a slight mood boost for like 15-20 mins and that’s about it. There are so many other strains that do better for my depression and anxiety. I don’t see why so many people love this strain, for me it had very weak and short lasting effects.

  15. The kush mints luster pod is fire. Earthy and minty taste with super chill indica effects. I haven’t had the pleasure of owning the flower form.

  16. Post a video with proof, never heard of this from luster pods. Otherwise you’re complaining on this Reddit does nothing… no one else has had this issue. You said it runs within 3 seconds… that’s easy to show in a video.

  17. I had some 35% Jenny and it effing SLAPPED. I accidentally video called someone and just stared at my phone for like 2 minutes... watching him watching me... before I snapped out of it.

  18. It's like vaping a blueberry muffin. If you are a fan of the BBV or Blueberry Cookies strain, it tastes like they smell. It's pretty crazy if you like blueberry. One of my fav strains.

  19. Sounds amazing! I’m definitely going to pick this up. Thanks for the info, I’m loving the other live resin luster pods from butterfly effect. The taste on these are insane in the best way 🔥

  20. Because you have been smoking distillate for 2 years not live rosin pods

  21. I’ve been smoking full spectrum co2 oil not distillate. I’m also not smoking rosin now I’m smoking full spectrum co2 oil. Same as 2 years ago…

  22. Did you buy a aftermarket luster pod battery? And again I just wanna know what you think they put in there that will seep out… like do you think they put oil in there or something I just know how coils work because I use to build them when I vaped back in like high school sadly..

  23. I’m using the butterfly effect battery that I got 2 years ago. I don’t think there is another oil in the pods, I don’t know why you’re saying that lol. I just want to know why the pods are acting different than they were the past 22 months…

  24. That person has me blocked because I called them out for only pumping their products on here. IHS has some shady fucks working for them I’d say. Their products are garbage also, zero flavor.

  25. Yea its so awful. Hell, I work at a clinic and the drug rep are basically allowed to bribe us with free lunch! How on earth is that ok in medicine, no matter what kind???

  26. It’s ok because someone is making a lot of money, and money talks.

  27. Kief police coming after the POW tumble game

  28. The time between the harvest date and package date is usually the cure time, I’m not sure how much of that time is storage but I think it’s their curing process.

  29. Oh ok right though you worked there I work in cultivation locally and I'm trying to learn everything I can as I am a cure Master OG lol

  30. No I don’t work in cannabis, I don’t think it pays enough even though it’s a passion. Most growers in ohio cure for one month at most which imo is not long enough, I like a long slow cure but it has to be done under proper conditions. OCL is the best cure I’ve seen in ohio so far

  31. Good luck op! I scored 2.5g of rosin from firelands a few days ago, took one rip and I was high af for hours haha then I passed out

  32. Do it. I've gotten it a couple times. It also presses into rosin better than any strain I've pressed in the program.

  33. Awesome! I always appreciate your input, especially on About wellness. I’m gonna grab it if it’s not super old.

  34. Seems like it’s high terpene which takes away room for the thc, probably very flavorful but my question is… where are they getting the Durban poison flower for this?? They don’t grow it as far as I know.

  35. Hate me now but I haven’t had anything good terp wise come from them in concentrate. This one looks tantalizing but I wasn’t a fan of the salty watermelon.

  36. I tried this and the salty watermelon, they both tasted like cheap flavored vodka, gave me a headache, and burned my throat, I thought they were absolutely terrible.

  37. Lol I can’t say my experience was THAT bad but it was def not great lol

  38. It must have been a bad batch, there’s no way I had the same thing everyone else is talking about. My friend hit it and gagged like I did.

  39. Lmao I used to always smoke this is the Morning because ppl said it was such a nice daytime sativa, I was so slumped everyday by noon and wondering why I needed a nap 💤 now I use a luster pod in the a.m. and can soar through my days. Flower at night to go bye bye.

  40. This place has been amazing for a while now, I’ve saved so much money it’s almost unbelievable

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