1. 1: OOS 2: Showbiz 3: Absolution 4: BHAR 5: The 2nd law 5.5: WOTP 6: Hullabaloo 7: Simulation theory 8: The Resistance 9: Drones

  2. This is exactly my ranking except drones goes before 2nd law

  3. I'd dare to say that is not pronounced as [j] by the majority of speakers. I believe most commonly [ʝ] or [ɟʝ] and famously in Argentina [ʃ].

  4. Middle Earth is a continent, Arda is the name of the planet.

  5. I’m 14 and about to graduate 8th grade. I just got back from a school trip to Washington, D.C. and it feels like nearly everyone had more fun than I did. Almost every second of every day, I was so depressed that I couldn’t fully function properly, and I want so badly for the people around me to know that I need them and I need to be around them for it to not be as unbearable as it was. But that’d be too much of a burden on them and it’d make things artificial and increase paranoid thoughts. It feels like my fault that I’m not trying hard enough to be happy. To add onto all of this, I feel like I want to be a girl but I’m not sure about it. I don’t feel dysphoria as strongly as trans people normally do and this is just another thing on the pile of things. I feel like I’m stupid and everybody knows it, and it’s all to the point where being alive is unbearable. The only real thing that I feel better while doing is sleeping and I think I’d have killed myself by now if my family wasn’t a factor. I’m moving far away soon as well, and it makes everything good feel like it doesn’t matter.

  6. I agree on the Israeli Arabs, but the Ultra Orthodox Jews? I'd say their pro-jewish sentiment is the strongest

  7. I still don’t get it but I hopefully will begin to soon

  8. Weird fishes. It’s definitely not bad, but I wouldn’t rank it higher than a 7.5, I just don’t really get why it’s so popular.

  9. I've been working on closer by nine inch nails during school

  10. The ultraorthodoxisation (is that a word?) of the western wall is infuriating and the fact that co-ed visits/praying has been nearly erased is frustrating beyond belief. All Jews deserve access to our holiest site, especially with ones we love.

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