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  1. Thanks. The one that’s flowering is gorilla glue (auto). Which is why I couldn’t fix it before it began to flower. The other is Purple Skunk.

  2. They turned out decent for how much I did wrong. Ended up getting about an ounce altogether. It smoked well and smelled really good. I tried to add a pic of finished grow but I can’t.

  3. I did a few things. Firstly I brought in a big, JUICY turkey sandwich into work and put it into the fridge in cling wrap. Its juiciness was CLEARLY visible from the outside. He just couldn't resist eating it. Little did he know every ingredient had been coated in laxatives. The entire thing was a sh*t-fest. I also put a camera in the fridge and recorded him taking it. I put a camera in the office hallway and saw him running down the hall, a look of terror on his face as he anticipated the massive, saucy turd that was he was about to produce for eating my sandwich. I didn't even report him, I just anonymously sent the videos to him with the ominous subject line: Hands off the Turkey You Nincompoop. Needless to say, he did not touch it again.

  4. Lying about rape. Lying about people not taking care of their kids to cps.

  5. Earning wages that give them no real disposable income. It’s working to have a roof over your head, food on the table and paying bills. Never ending cycle. Most people don’t ever get to enjoy life because they have to constantly work to live and not even comfortably.

  6. I seen a tweet from someone once, asking "Why do women never take a DNA test to see if it's their child?"

  7. Lol it’s actually funny because hospitals “misplace” babies sometimes. 28,000 a year in 1998 -Baltimore Sun..the mistake is usually caught before going home but that’s a lot of misplaced babies. Maybe she should test to make sure she has the right one 🤣

  8. “If you only take showers with body wash and don’t use soap at all you still dirty af. Body wash is not a substitute for soap.”

  9. Way less racists are comfortable being blatantly racist. They don’t feel empowered anymore by the commander in chief

  10. Definitely interested. All of that money, I would just make living life my high.

  11. “Good American ass whipping.” I’m sure this translates into “I’m going to shoot you eventually.”

  12. He a bitch and he put his heart into it and she ate that shit 🤣

  13. She says shit like “I’m celibate” and really means it and it’s because she feels too promiscuous. We are grown af. You should be able to stop giving it up without getting to the point that you cut it completely off because you can’t trust yourself. You shouldnt be at the point where you feel like you’re having so much sex with so many people that you need to cut sex off completely imo.

  14. Just like we shouldn't shame women for having too many partners we shouldn't judge women for not having any

  15. I’m not judging if she doesn’t have any BUT when she’s saying she’s not having sex because she’s been too loose that’s a different story to me 🤷🏾‍♂️

  16. Yea, if it was me, I would scrap and start over. These girls are in bad shape and probably won't give you much. You could always start another grow and just keep these in the tent and let them do what they're gonna do but a fresh start and a little better understanding is going to help you immensely.

  17. The one in the first pic seems to be doing well now

  18. Oh awesome! If that one that's doing good and isn't showing pistils, get it nice and healthy and transplant to a 5 gallon once the plant fills out and reaches the edge of the solo cup. The one showing pistils is most likely an auto like others have said. I would continue to run that one just to see what happens.

  19. The one with pistols is an auto. Forgot to update this. Yeah though, the other one is growing and seems to be fine. I’ve already transplanted and everything. Now just figuring out how to keep the humidity decent, etc. the auto is still on the small side but it definitely has pistols. I’m starting another auto now. Also working on my lst with the one that’s not an auto. These are my first girls so I’m just learning everything as I go along. Appreciate your feedback

  20. She sucking dick through the window. A queen 🤣

  21. They must be running out of ideas on OF to keep it fresh.

  22. Lmaoo bitches about to start doing glory holes again

  23. 🤣🤣 what made it cringy? The people you said it around?

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