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  1. If I win, could I request it be donated to a local children hospital?

  2. This is actually a question I’ve gotten multiple times, and ironically enough I’ve actually supplied all the children’s hospitals within at least a couple hours of me with switches, so I’d be happy to help you get it to one near you instead if you’re the winner!

  3. I want to know what was giving Felix and Sylvain vibes…cause thats a top tier mood

  4. Haha, he said if I died he would die the same day because he would miss me too much😂

  5. There's a reservoir near my home in Suffolk (Alton Water). In the summer, when the air is warm and still, we can walk down a lane and see dozens of these flying around us, in dazzling shades of red, blue and green. It's always fascinating to watch them - they are so fast!

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