1. maybe hold up in European Russia and let the AI burn in zero-supply siberia

  2. if any amateur video editors ever watch this they should aspire to be better editors than ISIS, which seems like a legitimate barrier of skill

  3. man just let people have fun, no one takes any of these "days" seriously

  4. except people who want to harass them irl

  5. bro those people aren't gonna relegate their furrybashing to one day cuz some drooling twelve year old made a post about it on Urban Dictionary

  6. their grandmother who survived a concentration camp:

  7. her grandmother who survived the massacres the imperial japanese did:

  8. iceberg. they're out the door anyways might as well get it done quick

  9. ain't these kids been told to not touch shit in the store you ain't gonna buy?

  10. i can't see the picture! what's going on!???!?!?

  11. this reminds me of the baptizing video with the "WHERE'S THE MONEY LEBOWSKI" played over it

  12. This is unacceptable! I demand that we repossess those images and share them equally. The top 1% should not be allowed to hoard all the waifus for themselves!

  13. i think the video is on youtube. his cries are horrible though

  14. I believe that, until proven guilty, every man, woman, and child in this country is innocent!

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