1. Is it against community rules to put your trainer id in here to ask for friends?

  2. One question, if you have to complete the previous mission, it means you can't keep multiples radars for another shadow Pokémon right? Only two at max?

  3. Occasionally, there are non-Team Rocket researches that give out Super Rocket Radars (Misunderstood Mischief, Johto Tour Ticketed Research, etc.) and those are the ones you can really stack.

  4. No; the “Field Notes” (at the bottom of my picture) leads to Latios. The battle weekend challenge goes back to the Today tab after you make a choice.

  5. Ah sorry, I didn't understand your post and see what you mean now. Yeah, minor bug.

  6. Are shiny rates boosted or no? Yet to see a shiny charmander at all

  7. https://pokemongohub.net/post/article/community-day-classic-thoughts-and-feedback/

  8. Got it. Yeah it'll be interesting I guess I'll just wait to see if we get Darkrai or Cresselia for our normal 5 star raids for that first half/quarter of July then. Because they had Groudon and Kyogre during Go Fest earlier this month but Kyogre was available from whatever specific time up to the event then Groudon was for their specific time after.

  9. That's true but I don't think this will follow in Kyogre and Groudon's footsteps because Darkrai and Cresselia are also the raid bosses for Seattle (late July) and Sapporo (early August) Go Fests which would have them in raids for quite some time. There will likely be separate global raid bosses.

  10. I only got 1 special trade on the 24th but got all 3 on the 25th (Com Day), haven't got someone to trade with today to test it though.

  11. July: Galar Legendary Birds for Anniversary Event? (feels soon though) Mega Scizor (and Kleavor) for Bug Event. Giratina at some point (with shiny Yveltal release for Halloween)? Galarian Zigzagoon Raid Day?

  12. I don't want it to take that long either but July seems really busy already :( (especially with two in-person Go Fest events that they'll be running).

  13. Many others already make a “top counters list” such as LeekDuck, but it tends to focus quite heavily on megas and shadows. If I focused more on just the best counters that would mean reducing the number of budget options and increasing the number of megas and shadows. Most people will see a couple of infographics with the top counters but lots of free to play and newer players like to see a wider range of budget counters

  14. Gotcha, you're trying to cover a niche and that's great. My concern was just that newer players seeing this might think Chandelure or Hydreigon are behind Darkrai in damage rather than the infographic needing the full list of "top counters." But even so, that's not the end of the world now that I understand your goals. Thanks!

  15. I think people can figure out without any difficulty that the premium counters are going to be higher ranked than the budget ones. This list is USEFUL and complaining that it isn't the specific flavor of list you prefer is a jerk move.

  16. Who was complaining? I agreed that it was useful (also actually some of the budget counters here ARE better than the premium ones.)

  17. Can you exclude pokemon in the search function which have a tag added to them ?

  18. Is there any info on what upcoming raids we'll have after Mewtwo ends? I know there's no official announcement but I wasn't sure if this was the kind of thing that gets data mined

  19. Aus player here, I haven’t seen a single Zweilous spawn at all?

  20. It's a bonus for players catching a bunch of mons at a lure, then confetti starts and Zweis spawn for 30 minutes near the stop. So depends where you're playing :)

  21. What you describe is how it happens right now

  22. Unfortunately, no. We only get Super Rocket Radars (the one's for Giovanni) as part of Special Research events.

  23. It'll come back, but hopefully not for several years.

  24. That's unfortunate. Already been gone for nearly 2 years, especially with the next shadow legendary likely to be shadow Latios. All the shadow legendaries since I've picked back up the game have been useless /not worth the investment (for PvE). Sad I missed the glory days of 2020 shadow legendaries. Mewtwo, the Birds, the Dogs, all so good and I know people have just been saving their SRRs and praying haha.

  25. There was a Bulbasaur and Mudkip Comm day classics recently which gave access to their exclusive moves. Charizard, Empoleon, Gyarados, and Garchomp all had access to their exclusive moves in December… Besides Metagross, what exclusive move do you need an ETM to get, that you have not had access to recently..?

  26. I got a 90iv shadow Bulbasaur after CD Classic and have been sitting on a good shadow Charmander too, for example. Lots of shadows waiting for me, and a 98iv shiny Mewtwo...but it has Shadow Ball and I need Psystrike.

  27. Yes.. I’ve stated multiple times that the system is not perfect…

  28. It wouldn't hurt Niantic to offer more ways to earn or buy ETMs. Of course, not enjoying PVP and therefore not playing it is my choice but I hold the opinion that it's great game design to have different playstyles be able to earn similar rewards (like when they brought legendary encounters to PVP).

  29. Just RNG. I haven't gotten a shiny yet in 4 boxes while my partner has gotten at least one in each box. Is what it is, keep trying.

  30. Do you have any proof? I've not seen anyone getting a wild shiny of these over the last year the shiny has been out after watching shiny discords and Twitter for reports. Also, every other pokemon is the same shiny rate no matter the encounter method (outside of special events).

  31. How bad is a 14/15/15 psycho cut shadow ball mewtwo? You only really use psycho for the fast charge right? And none of its breakpoints seem to matter on other psychic legendaries

  32. Shadow Ball Mewtwo if you need a workable Ghost attacker. Psystrike Mewtwo is the top Psychic attacker. Both are legacy moves requiring an Elite TM. With a near perfect Mewtwo, might be worth giving it a 2nd charge attack if you don't get something better over the course of the event.

  33. For the level 48 requirements + for the walk 25km 8 times challenge, do you have to walk 25km 8 times within 1 week or is the challenge you have to walk 25km in each week 8 times?

  34. In the blog announcement for this event the trainer is wearing a hat that matches the event Pikachu one and what looks like a Pikachu t-shirt. Are these items not available? The only new things I'm seeing in the style shop is a meltan outfit set.

  35. I know nothing so take this with a grain of salt but from what I understand, the hat and shirt are promotional items one gets a chance at when they buy the new TCG sets. They'll probably be released in the shop down the line.

  36. Aipom. How have people gotten these so far? Not seen any on nearby.

  37. They're spawning. I see one every now and then. Sounds like you've just had bad luck.

  38. Can you leave ultra beasts in gyms? Now that Nihilego is out I’m curious if anyone has tried

  39. No, you can't. Ultra Beasts are basically legendaries in almost every way except how they spawn at a gym for raids.

  40. Then I'm not sure. I've been able to make movement but you're not alone. I have seen a couple other people on this sub with the same problem.

  41. I'm reading that 12-15-15 is the best stats for a Bastiodon, but with XL candy wouldn't something like 0-15-15 be better?

  42. 12/15/15 powered up to Level 40 is the best if you haven't reached Level 40 yet OR don't want to use XL candies, ranked #24 overall

  43. When did they change Incense back to 60mins? I thought it was upped to 90?

  44. It was upped to 90 temporarily just for last season. Went back to 60 mins with the new season.

  45. Not going to get my hopes up again for what will be likely a huge disappointment. Everyone said this about Day 2 during Go Fest Day 1. "Oh well maybe Day 2 with have more surprise raids or an actual Rocket event, etc." Yeah, I've learned my lesson. Keep your expectations incredibly low.

  46. I got plenty of stuff off incense. The only stuff that poofed was stuff that was already gone.

  47. I had no incense problems Day 1 and was confused what bug everyone was talking about but then I got hit with it Day 2 and it was awful.

  48. I'm curious why your community was so interested in raiding Pikachu? It was available in snapshots and in the wild fairly commonly. If it was for the shiny surely raiding it is the least efficient way of getting a shiny?

  49. Couldn't one say the exact same thing about Axew (minus the photobombs)? It wasn't a common spawn but an "if you're lucky" just like Axew. Axew's shiny will be available after Go Fest. That Gracidea Pikachu is likely gone forever.

  50. Easy solution: Shiny Jirachi special research, Kecleon photobombs, Primal Groudon, Kyogre & Mega Rayquaza raids & shiny regionals

  51. Exactly. Hoenn has a bunch of bangers. Even better, why not throw in Shadow versions of the Weather Trio.

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