1. Beggars cant be choosers is what i was told. Im in the same boat as you are, im sticking with fall 22 and taking a huge loan of 80k. Career suicide in the US. But thats the best i could do.

  2. I agree with you on choosing part but man that's a huge loan. I would urge you to reconsider

  3. Right. It's just that I haven't really gotten over the rejections

  4. I feel ya on that one. But it is what it is, don't worry wherever you go with the right mindset you can make the best of it.

  5. Famous Minecraft yter. One of the actually good ones.

  6. When would the lease start for the options that you’re looking at?

  7. That GRE exam deadline is very early. I took mine first week of November and was entirely fine. Plus, you'll know which universities you're actively applying to and get to send 4 for free.

  8. You did gre in parallel with your applications? The timeline i mentioned is assuming you spend a lot of dedicated time preparing for the exam and focusing only on that. And then again only focusing on writing and revising the applications.

  9. If you would be taking loan, then you should consider keeping atleast your documents in order so that once you receive your admit, you can immediately apply for the loan procedure. As an example, Indian public sector banks can take up to a month to sanction the loan. So if you receive a late admit in April for example, you would save some time by applying for the loan and minimizing time in collecting the docs. So keep this point in mind as well.

  10. Very true, apologies personally I did not take a loan so I forgot to mention. To expedite i20 and visa though, there are finance institutions like Prodigy which give a loan letter very fast (1 week or less) simply based on admit letter, and some simple finance docs like payslip i think. So this letter can be used to get i20 and complete visa, but need not be actually used to take loan.

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