1. Been to Lincoln City a few times and this sums up a lot of the casino guests

  2. MISINFORMATION. This has been posted multiple times and it is simply which foreign countries are closest to that section of the country. Its just a statistical type of grouping with a clickbait title.

  3. Tools: Mailchimp for email and SankeyMATIC for visual.

  4. Ended up at 13.6% open rate after 48h. Launched a second one with some mods and got 28% today. It’s a learning curve mixed with luck for sure

  5. Absolutely! Wasn’t quite sure what to expect but it sure seems daunting given initial results. I guess marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.

  6. As virtually no “real light” passes through a phone camera lens exposure becomes digital ergo so contrast, saturation etc etc does too. Apparently as digital consumers we prefer our images that way.

  7. I think its the HDR option doing that on your phone, try it turned off.

  8. That left forearm looks fucked when he lands on it

  9. Definitely not an April fools joke about a “Exciting New Discovery” next Friday

  10. So the replacement cost was about 50 cents per foot of roadway. Calling bullshit on something. Either he didnt steal 31 miles of road, the valuation is horribly understated or its blackmail for another reason

  11. I completely agree with the article about Russia missing debt payments and entering technical default almost immediately. However, NationandState.com is a Extremely Far-right outlet. Select menu after going to the article and view the other “Patriot” hyperlinks.

  12. Ya I know but all the other sites had paywalls. Sorry. now the news is more out there and posted several links in comments.

  13. Its all good, dont see much talk on russian debt instruments going around so I liked the article and believe it given their situation. Just wasn’t expecting the other stories and the content direction of NationandState

  14. What Russian planes were flying in the US anyway?

  15. Not sure if they could cram any more ads into that link from Space.com

  16. Thats where you mount the machine gun turret

  17. Looks like the homeless are getting stronger

  18. As a ex benz dealer master tech someone is setting themselves up for a gravy day! You can google most of the part numbers and find them for a fraction of the price.

  19. Thanks for the comment, this is the second video I’ve uploaded that had that issue and I’ve been pretty stumped. I thought it was my ipad because it only showed up on there. It was filmed on a iphone 13. Just turned off the smart hdr, thanks for the tip!

  20. The reflection of another golden carrying what looks like a cat bed puts this over the top.

  21. Haha, it's a Blahaj. He loves his IKEA shark and it goes everywhere with him.

  22. Good luck Daisy! Hopefully it's nothing to serious.

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