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  1. :/ she is still emotionally attached to her ex which is a form of cheating called emotional cheating. I honestly think she’s probably using you as some sort of rebound situation or she’s so insecure to be alone that she’s attached herself to you while still being attached emotionally to somebody else. I don’t think she’s trying to hurt you but she’s definitely thinking more about herself. Take care of yourself!

  2. She cheated 🫣 what’s funny is she told me she appreciated me right before trying to get her cousin to cover for her that she was at her house. Straight up lied to me for months that she wanted something long term 😂 not even mad though. Happy I can finally move on. Was almost like I needed a refresher as to why we didn’t work out because the first time just left me depressed af.

  3. not like it affects the bonus you no longer get anymore, I’d oh well it as well. don’t stress about it

  4. Sorry but why do I even work here if I’m being paid to not worry about it?.. might as well have customers just return there own stuff if we’re being paid to just slip it through.

  5. Your DM might be complicit in scamming Walmart. I'd let AP and your SM know.

  6. Well I had stepped off because he left the store. She saw him in line and took him at the next register. But her excuse after I brought it up to her was the other manager we called over would have just put it through as long as it was under 100$

  7. Not at all serious. Half the time I’m coming in they don’t even have anyone at the table. We temp check ourselves and are expected to do the survey.

  8. I think there’s just a glitch in the system right now; my coworker sold a $15 phone case & the register gave the option to add a protection plan that cost more than the case itself lol

  9. I’ve seen that happen before lol. 10$ item with a 20 protection plan. Better be a get 2 if it breaks for that kind of coverage 😂

  10. Seen it on our bargain bin movies too. Both myself and the customer were like, seriously?

  11. I have to catch myself sometimes from trying to convince people not to buy the protection plan 😂

  12. I’ve been considering going to Sams, herd they start at $15 now. I’m still at $11.67 and waiting to see if I’m getting a $1 or I’m getting .33, I’m at $11.67 right now and I’ve been at my store for 10 years now 😕. I work in Assembly / Maintenance so im always at the bottom of the pay scale, but I do enjoy the job I have. Just wish it paid more.

  13. In ny starting pay is around 14. I made 15 at start being an electronics associate. It’s so bad Walmart doesn’t just up everyone’s pay. They only do it if there forced too.. 😕

  14. Right, I understand that. But you need to be looking at configuring your webserver software properly, as well as your local firewalls and such if you're running your own server.

  15. I switched over to Windows and I’m installing IIS now. So I should allow ports 80 and 443 through the windows firewall correct?

  16. I have literally never used IIS nor would I recommend it. For my local host config I use XAMPP, but I only use it for testing and the like.

  17. Linux it is again then? Is there a particular distro better for web servers? I’ve used Ubuntu, opensuse, Linux mint, and fedora in the past. Was just using Ubuntu earlier today.

  18. It is quite long to be alone inside imo. He is 1 year now, you still dont trust him outside the crate? You spend alot of time outside of workhours with him?

  19. I don’t go outside much besides just taking him out to do his business.

  20. Don’t use the bark collar please. It’s cruel. Your dog has a fear of being alone; punishing him for being afraid will not stop him from being afraid.

  21. I’ll look into that. And the reason I haven’t used the bark collar was because I thought it was cruel as well. I won’t use it.

  22. Practice gratitude and really observe and notice how good you feel right now. What are some tangible differences you notice? What about your day is significantly better? Rationalize with your brain why it is better to live this lifestyle and then ask yourself if you know a better way of existing, why would you want to live any differently?

  23. Plan for failure and keep hustling

  24. You mean come up with a plan for if failing happens to get back on track?

  25. Can’t agree fully that the statement you just put is completely just fact because you think it is lol but I definitely agree that you shouldn’t feel humiliated by a previous mind state. You should be able to learn from it and grow.

  26. Since this is making you feel bad, it seems like this isn't just for fun or to talk with others. What is your goal? Is it to have an audience, to have an outlet for creativity, to hone skills/talk about a hobby, or are you trying to earn money? Basically, why isn't it OK that you only do it when you want?

  27. Wouldn’t necessarily say it makes me feel bad that I don’t. Goals wise would be just sharing my perspective on things. Don’t care if I stayed at a follower the entire time or ever earned money from it really. More so to document just me and whatever this thing called life is.

  28. I have no idea because for me, my Ubuntu installs download faster than my Windows installs on the same hardware. I would just do a one step at a time analysis, such as doing so on wired ethernet instead of wireless, try a direct connection to your modem, reboot the computer and go from there.

  29. I’ll try that tomorrow. Gotta pick up a long enough cable. Gta v should still be downloading 😵‍💫

  30. Taxation = theft. They're just looking for more ways to steal from the people they govern. What's new though lmao. Both parties do it.

  31. Honestly thought about it the phone looked amazing! But with cameras and a manager putting it in the trash with me as a witness to it was too risky to think to argue well you were just going to throw it away. These types of people know how to stick to there logic pretty well. So me doing that would have made me insubordinate.

  32. Meh, just make it look like you’re throwing something away, then reach in and grab it when management is away, stores have god knows how many cameras, doubt they’re looking at that one camera overlooking the garbage can.

  33. Damn where were you 2 hours ago lol. The phones already in the compactor.

  34. That sounds really difficult. I'm also an introvert with a lot of experience with depression.

  35. I’ve considered therapy. And I’ve convinced myself I’m fine being alone so I don’t talk to anyone really. Even tending to the start ups to new relationships is challenging. I usually would rather just no contact with anyone besides when I’m at work at Walmart. That’s when I act like an extrovert.

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