1. I actually have videos of me spanking pre-1.06 RoB. It's the choice weapon for scrubs.

  2. Idk anymore, I’m aiming to use it in my current playthrough. It’s pretty good but far from OP, just hella range.

  3. Nah the katanas have a good enough moveset you don’t need to rely on one trick. Also, anyone with a brain will golden parry the second i move if they see I have RoB equipped

  4. I’m sure he played a game recently and the music started playing and he had an immediate angry reaction to it.

  5. Joel’s eyes always bothered me in the original. Constantly reminded me of my Shitzu with her big bug eyes lol.

  6. The last cutscene with tess is particularly bad

  7. I don’t know why people are saying the trailer needed the original music, I thought it was a great callback and the music only confirmed for me that one of the coolest scenes in the game will return.

  8. Instant uninstall for any and all apps that do that.

  9. Yeah which is what most of the “campers” I encountered during the beta were doing. This sub has no idea what a camper is.

  10. Yeah if I stopped to hold an angle for like ten seconds, I was camping. Crazy. You can be mobile without being cracked out and never stopping

  11. Is it bad that I can’t see the difference besides just general lighting?

  12. Yes. Take a look at the eyebrow and if you don’t see an immediate difference I am 100% unironically recommending that you go see an optician because your eyes may not be as great as you think.

  13. I'm really curious as to how brutal the violence will be. Seeing Pedro Pascal smash people in the face with bricks isn't the same as stabbing clickers. Interesting to see what HBO allows.

  14. Considering what HBO allowed Pedros head to have done to it

  15. Agreed. I hope hardcore fans don't shit-talk that little girl too much.

  16. Its the last of us, of course they will.

  17. Drill charge is the funniest grenade ever.

  18. It only works on one of the default classes because its a pistol attachment that allows this

  19. This attachment with how good the pistols are is like an indirect buff to snipers and low capacity guns or those with long reloads

  20. Maybe it’s in his bio why he’s on the bad side. Mw ‘19 had a few Americans that weren’t part of shadow company on the allegiance side.

  21. Hutch is american and Nova is british too they might just be PMC types

  22. Plus the whole theme of MW2019 was "the world isn't black and white; in the realm of (inter)national defense, there's a shitload of gray"

  23. Yeah I hope they keep this stuff up and give us rational reasons for everyone to be where they are, I wanna know why a brit, an american, a korean and a hungarian are fighting with what looked like russian military.

  24. He played Herbert Sobel in Band of Brothers. Sobel was portrayed as an officer who was overbearing but passionate and adequate in a training environment but completely inept and out of his element when it came to real-world military exercise.

  25. This is the most favourable description I’ve seen of Sobel, ever.

  26. Be prepared for winter. Chicago doesn’t play when it comes to winter weather.

  27. I think I’m weird for enjoying brutal winter weather but I don’t drive so I don’t worry much about road safety etc

  28. I think it’s valid to offer a different perspective if you have one. I don’t think it’s just downplaying someone’s problem, but offering a different perspective of it’s not very widespread.

  29. It’s typically very dismissive when people are troubleshooting on a forum.

  30. We have troubleshooting threads specifically for that. No one is talking dismissively in those threads.

  31. Yes because they’re absolutely dead and unintuitive to sift through. You’re far more likely to get help and visibility with a post and for future people suffering the same issues to see that post than comments in a troubleshooting thread will get. That’s a flaw on reddits behalf really but I’ve no idea how to solve it other than just making a post instead, it’s not like the sub will run out of posts, if it gets solved quickly it’ll just disappear into the mountains of posts unless the sub its in is dead and then you have the same issue as my first point.

  32. I probably shouldn't have been shown this information

  33. IW thinks you’re not smart enough to understand numbers like we had in CW. Little timmy can get along just fine with the bars

  34. The bars really are a visual aid for morons who think the numbers are for nerds

  35. 100% the roaster will brew them different ways. It’s more like espresso blend means i went in with the intention of roasting for espresso and I think it tastes best there.

  36. All my matches have had players who are either camping hard in the most obnoxious locations, or people who have snorted an ungodly amount of cocaine and feel the need to jump around every corner, no in between

  37. Having both types is a good thing though, means you can adjust your style and not feel pigeonholed like some people are saying which I don’t agree with

  38. The lachmann rips, the m4 one is so outclassed by it im not sure what niche its supposed to fill unless its better in wz or ground war

  39. But the question becomes what can you do about it? When we have no control over the issues (or very limited control, such as recycling, conserving, or voting in elections once a year) then the news itself only provokes anxiety and fear. I’m trying to wean myself off of the political terror spiral I go down frequently and it’s very hard, but if I control it I tend to feel a lot better. I still know there is widespread corruption and destruction, that hasn’t changed. But do I need to bathe in it everyday only to realize there is very little I can do for relief?

  40. Knowledge of the consequences of your countries actions make you a better and more informed voter who can influence the news in a positive sense by hopefully electing those who care.

  41. Oh yeah there’s absolutely nuance to this, you shouldn’t doomscroll through endless horrific news of war and a climate driving us straight to hell, but to ignore it entirely is to sit in a microwave with a cap and suncream on and pretend you’re alright.

  42. They’re also comparing the most expensive PS5 (the one with a blu-ray drive) against a PC that:

  43. I’m glad that this is it how it is now, it did used to be cheaper generally but it just makes sense to me that a machine that can do less should be cheaper than an equivalent powered machine that can do much more. The value was just a bit skewed before and it didn’t make any sense to own a console besides convenience and exclusives and while those are still the two main reasons, the value proposition of that has gotten much better.

  44. to be honest, I would not order from that site by the look of it. I'm picky

  45. Agreed, tbh the name puts me off immediately

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