Writing Hack: Write Your Own Fanfiction

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  1. I guess it's the same thing with any company. My company charges clients 200 an hour, and I am paid 50 an hour. What about those other 150? I do all the work for them. Sometimes we hire freelancers that charge 100 an hour.

  2. Certainly. Traditional publishers pay you less because they have to pay their own bills (and obviously because they also screw you over) - like every company.

  3. If it's boring to you, then it'll be even more for your reader.

  4. I don't think it's very strange for a creator to not necessarily like what's been created, by themselves or others.

  5. In this specific use case, once he has a plot, he writes his key scenes as standalone short stories in the same universe. The focus becomes making those stories solid, then writing the connective pieces. Added benefits - I write the short stories on a note app I can access from PC and my phone so if I think of something while working or whatever I can work it in or add a note immediately. (In CP's case he talks about making notes on Fight Club on his manuals at the Bus factory). Also, this approach gives you a bunch of possible excerpts you can shop around to sites and magazines as a form of marketing for your novel.

  6. Can you kindly let me know where you got this info? Just want to know where I can learn more.

  7. My greatest struggles with writing, and really anything, have always been with perfectionism and fear of criticism (assume a background of psychological abuse).

  8. Just as a tip from an editor, if you don't mind: Try to use descriptive verbs and remove words like "was" when you can, especially when it comes to emotion or description.

  9. I'm not going to name any of my clients on Reddit. That would be ridiculous. I have worked with big names, but that's all I'm going to say.

  10. You’re gonna tell us that—after your ridiculously longwinded, boring, vague dissertation about writing with multiple grammar and punctuation errors—that you’re a hot shot writer who has worked with “big names”?

  11. You do realize that Reddit karma or comments doesn't change anything, especially baseless assumptions when you don't know anything.

  12. Thank you. Let me know if I can provide any other advice.

  13. Thank you for this detailed tips. Surely, they will be helpful and I've saved the post.

  14. Don't write with the mind that you have to replicate him in anyway. Write how you write and then incorporate the same emotion he made you feel.

  15. If you claim to be an editor and want to call yourself an expert, you might want to make sure not to have a typo in your first sentence.

  16. My bad. Thanks for the catch. I'm only human, and sometimes my own worst enemy.

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