1. My boyfriend lives on Stratton Mountain and he’s seen military planes flying in the wee hours of the am

  2. If you go to the dealership and ask them for the parts you need they will be able to price out a quote and get you the parts. The oem sway bar should not void any warranty it’s just not added to the base model because well it’s a base model. There is honestly no noticeable difference imo. Unfortunately it’s not just the links and sway bar you need because the newer Imprezas have a silly bracket that the bushings mount to. It will be relatively pricey but I would not go aftermarket on that really because it will be crap quality unless it’s as expensive as the oem sway bar assembly.

  3. That’s actually your muffler, the baffles come loose sometimes like that wouldn’t worry about it but you will need a muffler bearing in the near future gobbless

  4. Are you using defrost when trying to use the button or have you tried it on all different settings.

  5. If it’s the style where the transmission lines are under the battery area then yes, that’s a pretty common issues with most of the Subarus of this gen.

  6. Stupid idea, probably, but how about a healthy snack holder? Carrots, sellery, cucumber, etc. Yeah, I know…stupid…

  7. Duct tape and rubber bands never failed me, the leaking fuel will fuse it altogether and make it air tight won’t even need to replace the line.

  8. It was my aunt she’s being coming through and ripping those off of every car, can’t say why Gobbless my aunt Marie.

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