1. Are you sure it has break slower? That effect was added after legacies were patched

  2. I'll have to look, just got home so I could be wrong and it's just a TSE

  3. It's all I do half the time and I haven't been vote kicked yet, but at the same time 90% of my duels are friends lmao

  4. We’re you out of cash? Never spend gold on character recreations.

  5. I don't think it lets you if you have 10 gold, my friend had 15 gold and 2k dollars and it wouldn't let him use cash, while I only had 2 gold and 400 exactly and I could change my characters appearance

  6. I am afraid you are mistaken. I recently changed my character 4 times in 1 month. I have 80+ gold and close to 30k. Used cash each time. I have never used gold for it.

  7. Maybe it's a bug then, I've never had issues changing character with more than 10 gold but my friend did

  8. You didn't hear it from me but uh....AA guns go through houses in Moscow. Do with this information what you will.

  9. added, meet at whitesprings station whenever you're ready?

  10. I paid 35k for mine, I think. If you made a post asking for 35k I think you’d get it.

  11. O_O 35k for something that's just taking up space? Shhhhiiiiiitttt

  12. When playing as the Russians always make your assault squads beefy, in Moscow especially a kitted out Assault squad can easily win your team the game.

  13. I've done it with friends before when all but like one of our crew have died. It's definitely a interesting experience lol

  14. Allied players when they have bad teams so they blame the German equipment

  15. Naw on a real note though, I'm level 23-24 Axis and level 11-13 allies (been a minute since I've played) and for allies it's not hard at all to win, if your teammates are ass that's probably why your getting shit on so much at least from my experience that's why allies lose most of the time. Panthers and tigers are easy asf to kill with grenades and I hardly ever see full automatic squads no matter what side I play.

  16. I still think that's more than it's worth, highest u could let you do is 5 and a nuka cola

  17. I personally love the Puma and the Panzer III L’s 50mm but I can understand why it might suck to some people

  18. Might have to look into the PZIII, I enjoy the PZIVs and the StuGs atm though

  19. I just got the StuH 42 G and that thing is a chonkster even in a full uptier, I’m definitely using that thing

  20. Yeah the StuH is pretty nice, just got it earlier so I'm working towards the next StuG

  21. I main Germans in Tunisia, Normandy and Berlin. I started the game in Normandy as the Germans so it was just more familiar to continue, and I prefer the feel of the German tanks over the others (Except in Moscow)

  22. Idk about some people but I played today for the 1st time in a while and I'm now going to greyzone camp. The moment I got to the front I'd be swarmed by infantry if I stopped for a second, like if the friendly team doesn't wanna help you it's crazy how fast you die. I watched 2 squads run past a guy about to chuck a bundle at me while my guns were reloading -_-

  23. No, I'm a real Chad. I begin beating the nearest teammate 💀

  24. Considering some of the guys were waving at the tank one second before turning to mist, someone fucked up real bad with their friend/for recognition

  25. The rank had a Z on the front, one of the dudes yeeted by the shell was recording, people keep saying they thought it was a captured tank

  26. My PSN is CT-4508_Sledge, feel free to message me if interested

  27. But that's at the heart of the problem. Allies depend more on the team for success than the germans in Normandy, mainly because defense = easy mode. And at least 50% of the players are absolutely incapable of doing anything useful or are actually detrimental to the team (hogging armor / plane slots with low tier crap and eating tickets by pointlessly dying a lot while contributing 0 to the attack).

  28. The FG42 I can understand, it wipes me a good few times but I personally don't believe the allies need a advantage to have success, I've won a few times playing with under leveled peeps pretty easily, but no one wants to work together, a tank pushes forward and people let the enemy sneak behind and get a bundle in, or they take their time pushing the next sector and let the enemy dig in. No flanking happens and when it does it's horribly executed and I swear no one knows what a engineer is. I personally feel it's just allied players just not knowing what to do.

  29. The biggest problem I see with Allies is that people just don't flank properly and set up spawn points.

  30. Right, especially on the beach maps, all our tanks have to do is knock out the guns, which they normally don't but people just sprint at the MG42s like they're the main character in a movie

  31. They should be bot controlled, like a new usable seat that is by default operated by a bot, I would be so cool to have your bot giving you free kills while in a tank xd and it’s logical, given that the radio operator does not do nothing

  32. Idk that'd be pretty annoying being aimbotted by a tank, wouldn't mind though if it were something I could control as the driver

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