1. if i was FDJ, i don’t understand why i wouldn’t push for a move to United. we are one of the biggest clubs, FDJ would reunite with his old manager, can play with Ronaldo, be the focal midfielder that ETH wants to build around. i understand we’re in Europa but surely he must believe in the project of getting back to our glory days. i’m not calling barca a small club or anything compared to us but clearly barca is willing to sell him and i wouldn’t feel useful if i was being told that i’m being sold to help a clubs economic situation

  2. how is vdb going to still be in Ten Hag’s plans if those two were to come into the team? i’d play those two over bruno and vdb

  3. i’m a united fan and i enjoy mourinho so i followed roma this season. i’ve got to say that the fan base is incredible so passionate

  4. Yes, that’s what I wear almost every day. Unless it’s client facing or a big meeting, then you would want the jacket + tie.

  5. Im doing a paper on the ethical dilemma with the World Cup 2022 and Qatar scandal. Why has FIFA not investigated or put out statements regarding the migrant workers and deaths in Qatar? I've done some research, and has FIFA really done nothing to address the issues that journalists are pointing out? Is there something I am missing? I would appreciate some input please

  6. When you get backed with a promising defender Romero, two better midfielders than Dele and Ndombele, he better do better. When Jose benched dele and ndomebe fans went crazy, now they realize how shit they were

  7. Who do you mean when you say two better midfielders than Ndombele and Dele? Mourinho had Hojbjerg

  8. As a United fan and a Mourinho supporter, he did overachieve at United. However, it’s not as simple as it was. He spent big money on big players and drew against teams and played “bad” football. Dressing room was apparently toxic and he was getting outclassed by Liverpool and City. I still like watching Roma because of Mourinho and what he’s doing. But in my honest opinion as a United fan he was a good manager but at the wrong time for us

  9. For 310, I have Sahebjame. Hopefully they're good. Thanks for the response

  10. Omg I had him and he was the worst. May be different for you but seriously I didn’t learn shit

  11. He had the most decent reviews on rate my professor😫. How was his grading and all that? A lot of ppl said he curves tests/final grades but idk if he does it anymore

  12. I failed like all his exams and got curved to a C. So even if you fail or do bad, you’ll be fine with a C. The biggest problem with him is he was just so monotone and boring. And a lot of us didn’t understand his handwriting and method of teaching

  13. United States, California!!! I’m Korean and when I was young, I watched Ji Sung Park play at United alongside other Asian players like Kagawa! I love United!

  14. Please tell me u said this before we conceded lol

  15. When you complete the game, you can’t change the character of your main character but you are able to respec the second character you decide to choose when multiclassing right?

  16. he got demoted because he got a few things wrong a while back

  17. Oh wow, I never got that joke until now, thank you.

  18. That feeling when you have a 2022 Subaru Impreza at 21 in college with not even 10% of your success

  19. I have a ps5 with a monitor that’s 60 hz. Should I keep it at resolution or go to performance even though I won’t get 120fps. If I kept it to resolution does it man longer load times?

  20. What is Dedicated loot farming? Does it mean like having specific bosses only drop specific loot? Why is this a big deal?

  21. What is the tabletop rpg portion of the game where your character is in third person? Is that how you get to new areas/maps? Or is that a separate thing

  22. It’s pretty stressful/hectic and the customers we get can be righteous pieces of work, but I’d rather have that than having someone up my ass about ESP all the time like was the case as even a cashier, let alone a tech sales associate.

  23. Extended Service Plan maybe? Don't remember if that's what it actually stands for, but it's a percentage that more or less boils down to the total Asurion plans you've sold vs. the amount of eligible merchandise you've sold. If you plan to be a tech sales associate it's going to get beat into your head to sell it as hard as you can (primarily on printers and PCs because those are arguably what impact it the most, alongside furniture).

  24. Just want to say that ETH won’t come in and fix things immediately. Give him time at least 1-2 years and then we can judge him. Too many players are leaving this summer (Pogba, Lingard, Cavani) and this summer needs a big investment.

  25. In bl3 I didn’t even think about doing TVHM because it was pretty much useless

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