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  1. What program are you using that gives you those stats of the percentages of code programs used?

  2. Its just the repo-state github make for you on a given repo.

  3. I do get your point, I am not trying to avoid whiteboarding during interviews with this. This repo serves more as a place to show recruiters at firms that i am able to solve whiteboard-level problems, so they might give me a problem i have not solved before. But most of all, this repo is just put together as a hobby on my sparetime. I did not ask anyone to look at the code with a critical eye. This code shall never run in production anywhere.

  4. I just started my first programming job and FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKK I fucking hate Php so fucking much

  5. Then what programming-language do you enjoy writing code in? And why do you hate php and javascript so much?

  6. I hate myself but I have just enough self respect not to touch php

  7. I dont really see the disliking of PHP, i myself had this as my first language, and i actually find developing in PHP an enjoyable experience from time to time. It is actually possible to build projects in it without dragging a shit-ton of dependencies into the mix. Right tools for the right jobs i guess.

  8. Twitch har en egen side hvor de gir tips for å komme igang og lykkes med streaming

  9. Det tror jeg aldri har jeg har sett

  10. Eneste plassen jeg har sett skilter med røde tidspunkter var på teoriprøva når jeg tok lappen

  11. You were waay too close to the car in front of you. I always use the 3-second rule to check if i am too close to the car in front of me.

  12. Get a wooden palmrest for your keyboard. Does lots for the style of the setup and your wrists will thank you.

  13. Alot of truck drivers are also riders. Motorcyclist and truckers both having a love for the open road (atleast the older truckers I know also ride. Dad was a trucker and I know a few.)

  14. The truck has to have seen me, when i was catching up with it i was positioned in the left wheel track of my lane, also i made the lane shift really "by the book" by blinking, being visible in its left mirror before starting to pass me. And that it suddenly out of nowhere the truck is accelerating like crazy way above the speed limit. while i was doing my pass.

  15. Hey! I am using a 65% keyboard (ducky one 2 sf) trying to find a good wooden palmrest for this size, but i can only seem to find palmrests for either 60% which is too small and rests for bigger and fullsize keyboards which is overkill. Does anyone know where i can get this? Tips appreciated or else i have to take the time to make my own.

  16. Dude, you look great! Loving the hair too! What are you listening to in those headphones tho? I’m curious! Have a good day -^

  17. Thank you so much! Here i am listening to Rammstein i believe. Have a good day!

  18. Yeah I assume it's difficult to find custom sets that have those characters :/

  19. Yeah you are right :/ do you know if there will be any keyboard frames these keycaps will not be compatible with?

  20. Enterprise backend systems are usually still written in java. At least thats the industry standard where i live.

  21. This makes me feel relieved i only had to do c++ tests on paper during college

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